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  1. I have a question @Childish :Kappa:

    nah for real congrats bro <3

  2. decla

    I would believe so yes as you are going down 1 teir at a time. Do note that it just gets rid of the current arrest and the acumulated arrest will still be their if that is what you are also worried about
  3. decla

    Does the APD discount % from titles work on the loadouts for example say you have 5% of the the APD shop does that mean you will have to pay 45% or the same 50%
  4. decla

    It depend how you respond to the bank, if a hostage situation is called and you respond to THE HOSTAGE SITUATION instead of the bank then you have to negotiate cuz technically their are no reasons to call it off. However if you are responding to THE BANK and your intent is to deal with THE BANK then you can just code 3 up in their. Its not like a fed where you don't have to respond to a hostage situation cuz no RP is required to deal with the people clearly participating some good clarification would be lovely but that's how i think it is tbh
  5. decla

    07 bro ima miss you. Stay to play still alright <3
  6. decla

    07 stay around to play for a bit every now and then
  7. decla

    i believe the reason why is the server is trying to load every pellet shot from the shotgun at the same time (which is pretty hard on the server) hense why you hear the delay hits and then a few seconds to die if you shoot a tire you can hear all the pellet being loaded in by the server. hope this kinda makes sense.
  8. decla

  9. decla

  10. EU wins again @Winters

  11. Congrats cuty<3 @Hylos

  12. https://gyazo.com/0e0bf40b94879e248ac9152d5371c2c4 LARGE -10MILL 25 https://gyazo.com/8d92081c5afc2cb1b81a0826809194d9 BIG-5MILL 22 PRICES MAY VARY AND GIVE OFFERS IF YOU WANT
  13. stop and hit the bong like cheech and chong. sell tapes from here to hong kong 

  14. Heads up, you hear a sound, turn around and look up, total shock fills your body 


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