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  1. Ohhhh shit a rat congrats <3 @Super_Nova

    just remember were still friend even if as a dep i made you lose your bandanna okay <3 @Winters

  2. mans doesn't waste time 

  3. Happy Birthday @Maddog

    learnt a lot from you cuty <3 come back soon pls 

    1. Vac.


      Sir do you know how a lagswitch works 

    2. p a t

      p a t

      sorry man i was meant to tp myself to hq not tp you.

  4. R E M E M B E R T O S T A Y P O S I T I V E Y O U C A N A C O M P L I S H A N Y T H I N G I F Y O U S E T Y O U R M I N D T O I T 

  5. S T A Y M A L N U R I S H E D 

  6. decla

  7. decla

    yo i'm featured in this [rare site me being on civ tbh]
  8. decla

    When it says they have to Does that mean they have to declare in game that they’re neutralised or just in the cop channel
  9. PLS fix this stoopid bug with the garage as i'm literally waving into fed with either other people or in a quad bike like shit its stoopid fix it pls 

    1. KGB JOSH
    2. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      how about you fix not being toxic all the time first :):3Nips:

    3. p a t

      p a t

      BuY a TiTaN

  10. congrats chriss 

  11. I don't see why you just merge some rules together eg. make it so that once 5 mins left to the federal event you can authorise lethals rather than at a SENIORS discretion it is 5 mins till the bomb blows and it gets a few waves in.

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