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  1. AR/Indian

    Did his nipples remind you my fat curry nips?
  2. Congrats to @ThatNerdyGuy and @Airborneon sergeant, thanks for all of the things you’ve gotten us a civ rep nerdy. Hopefully someone else can fill your shoes as civ rep and get more of what we would like to see in the game.

    1. communistjosh


      watchu mean nerdy is career cop civ rep

  3. AR/Indian

    LMAO is this why you only bought CMRs?
  4. AR/Indian

    Joining prime rib for however long I have fun in there, will either try joining some cartel gang or start a new gang with new tags and it’ll prob be mostly full of OGs from [ - ] that aren’t dogshit.
  5. AR/Indian

  6. o7 [ - ]. Had lots of fun with everyone and the gang truly was more of a community of friends than anything. Time to move on to bigger things in life and spend less time on arma.

  7. AR/Indian

    I’ve got a MX3GL with 3 teargas for sale.
  8. AR/Indian

    have 45+ tradable keys on RL. Will sell each key for 235k. If all 45-47 keys are bought in trade, each key will be 165k
  9. AR/Indian

  10. AR/Indian

    What Dili said
  11. AR/Indian

  12. AR/Indian

    what Josh said
  13. AR/Indian

    offer. keep forgetting to get pictures, will send after classes are over.
  14. AR/Indian

    keep offering. Won’t be able to post the picture for another hour from now. Highest bid by the 9th of November will win unless bid by then is low.
  15. AR/Indian


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