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Stepping down.

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3 minutes ago, Corps said:

You will be missed @draMa, but don’t worry @Prime and I will keep the top 5 revive train going. o7

That’s why I picked you two for the project, y’all been doing great.

2 minutes ago, Fake Grandma said:

o7 @draMa should still be permed for not reviving me tho <3

I’ll still remain not reviving you until I’m permed ;) good luck on your Supervisor app!!!

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7 minutes ago, HunterBklyn said:

o7 it's been a pleasure playing on medic with you brotha.



We’re gonna grind don’t worry.


6 minutes ago, obeymatt said:

What ?!?!?! That’s not what you told me, u told me you were stepping down because your windows key broke 

I didn’t want everyone to find out I was too poor for a new keyboard :(


5 minutes ago, Kyle Lake said:

Damn this man taught me how to sling load with helicopters. You better still be getting medic so I can show who the better pilot is, the student has surpassed the master @draMa

Don’t make me link the video :dejaywink:

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