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  1. Get a Trabant 601
  2. My biology prof told the class that we're gonna have sex next week.

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    2. Tman15tmb
    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Universities over here are very very different =P

    4. Mercury


      Is this an extra credit assignment or is it like you're all gonna line up one by one and just receive?

  3. What did you do to Canada?!
  4. "Taxi license dialog will now prompt players to pick to keep taxi license or to keep rebel/vigilante. Can no longer hold both at the same time." I guess [Taxi]Marty won't have a taxi license anymore
  5. I need all the protection I can get from the rdmers in Kavala. I refuse to hang out elsewhere
  6. In such an event I suggest apologising and offering compensation, perhaps even epi-penning if no medic is available nearby
  7. Yes. I've seen them in the gay porn i watch.
  8. Happy new year pacific time zone and only the pacific time zone! All the other time zones suck!

    1. Danger


      East coast ftw  breh

  9. About the defib thing, I was thinking that maybe if players had to buy them from medics directly for like 10-20k, then medics wouldn't lose any money? But I don't really care if they're added or not.
  10. Happy Christmas and/or Festivus comrades! 

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    1. platinumfire


      Festivus for the rest of us!

  11. vikings were here earlier, and before that the natives came from asia through alaska, so...
  12. I feel a bigger sense of pride for my local transportation system than I do for my local hockey team. Go SkyTrain!