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Civ Rep Round Table 4/15/18



This will be last Civ Rep Roundtable meeting for this current term. The Vidoe for the meeting is here https://youtu.be/yQ8vl1SC4_8 



The HQ take over system allows civs to enter HQ and start a take over where the cop reinforcements are delayed by 3 minutes (Spawn timer increased to 2 minutes and 30 seconds plus the death screen timer making 3 minutes respawns) is a possibility to come after server performance and other things get done first.


BW buff https://youtu.be/yQ8vl1SC4_8?t=111 at this time stamp. I'm not gonna list the buff items since nothing is confirmed. The buff is not confirmed but is on the list possibility to add to the server.


More Civ related skins here https://youtu.be/yQ8vl1SC4_8?t=273 We never really went into too much detail on the skins but they did say the design team is already working on them.


Jail changes https://youtu.be/yQ8vl1SC4_8?t=323 the jail max time is based on your charges and right now max time is a 1.3 mil bounty. It will be max time at 2.5 mil bounty. So basically 1/2 the requirement to get max time.


New warzone rebel on the list of the list and hopefully be out by next updateish - Fusah


Jail bridge roof is going to be removed


Blackfish is staying at the current price.


As always if you have any ideas feel free to message the current civ reps. or comment down below. I know this civ meeting was small but it was also my last so I didn't want to go out big and make numerous changes to the next civ reps going in.


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22 minutes ago, DeadPool said:

id say if there is no colleration in my mind i wouldnt care but @TheCmdrRex might say different 

We still haven't worked out much with the takeovers



If none of you haven't realized, Deadpool likes to talk out of his ass more than occasionally 

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A legitimate HQ takeover has been needed for a while as the most effective way to currently rescue anybody from police custody is by explosives or crossfire. Other ways involve exploiting through server mechanics, which really ruins the whole experience and gratification of rescuing somebody.  I do think that the hostile takeover requirement should be lowered to 2 or 3 armed individuals because having sniper positions when assaulting a HQ is necessary, which will probably be what leads up to a takeover in the first place but having a majority of the attacking force in one location would make it too easy for a single 6.5 to rip through. Don't even get me started on a 7.62.  The only way I can see things working out is if somebody can sneak in, starting the takeover and then the respawn timer gets extended for cops and then the rest of the attacking force makes their way in to solidify the takeover and inhibit respawns for a short time.

I think we should also make hostage negotiations for rebels in police custody more of a thing as well.

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I say allow tasers and allow the blackwater outpost. Why not? It is too unfair? aw cry more. If a civ wants to take a gamble to take a primary taser to capture an HQ that is on them... it is likely that they will lose it to the overpowered cops. So why prevent them from doing so? No one would bring a primary vigi taser or their license will be restricted and thus they will not be able to buy it anymore.

So the only tasers that would be brought would be cop tasers (again, literally most people would not do this) but if they have the balls too then they should be able to. I think you are being too liberal Deadpool. This is altis, civs literally get torn apart minute after minute by the cops. Cops get to respawn all happy with their tasers and brand new gear. Civs lose gear constantly, why not let them bring tasers? There is a large probability they will lose it. It isn't an unfair fight to have civs fighting with the same tasers that cops will be using to stop them with. I think this sounds very fair to me. For example:

5 civs VS 5 cops. Let's say 3 of the civ's have MK. 1's and the other two have MX tasers. How is it unfair, at any point, to say that the civ's will be too overpowered against the cops? They simply are not. This 5 man team is legit using the same guns and fighting the same amount of cops that all have tasers, whether they are MX/stings/ etc. 

I think you are restricting the civ's ability to capture HQ with tasers because you realize that most cops are literal bots. I don't see how fighting/capturing the HQ is different than engaging cops normally at an HQ with tasers. Your decision to restrict them from using tasers gives me the stupid idea of initiating with the cops, tazing them all, and then starting the HQ takeover with lethals.

It just doesn't make any sense to not allow civs to take tasers with them. Are you scared? Well taking over an HQ takes balls and those willing to take tasers are brave. Taser vs Taser does not equal any overpowered gunfights.... Just more thoughtful and well carried out plays by cops. Cops don't want to be tased, right? If you only let us have lethals then some cops will sacrifice/bait themselves so that another cop can make a shot and then wait out the 3 minute timer. This should never happen. They should value their lives, thus if you give civ's tasers, cops will immediately act differently. 

So my question is mr. high level cop that doesn't want to be tased... why not let civs have tasers? The groups willing to bring tasers to an HQ takeover will show a true gunfight as seen in places where maybe the police force isn't as overpowered as in North America.. Think of fights in Mexico/Syria. Police are not always so good, why restrict our access to these weapons to have actual fair fights?

My main point is that there is literally no good reason to stop civ's from using tasers. 1.) Most HQ takeovers will be lethals. 2.) If an HQ takeover is started, I guarantee cops will server hop. Most of the time the civ's will be outnumbered. In addition, to actually restrain these cop(s) during the takeover, there must be THREE people standing near to restrain. Cops, on the other hand, need only themselves to restrain someone else. This is already unfair. 

I think it is time we have civ reps that actually fight for fairness. It ticks me off that you would even think about fucking restricting the civ's access to weapons during HQ takeovers. This is altis, cops win the majority of the time and respawn with their damn loot. Civ's dont. From now on, I am going to be tasing every cop near an HQ and then I will start the HQ takeover. Give us tasers and I will fight properly. This is downright retarded. No good reason to restrict our access to guns that we already have very limited access to. I would like to see you reason and say that having a gunfight with the EXACT same guns is unfair. It isn't. My suggestion is that if a civ is using a taser during a HQ takeover, cops should be able to lethal. Sad day -- civs are given a cool idea that they cannot even fairly compete in. 

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I have no clue what the dude above me @drraison said but I read the first line about us being allowed to use tasers and I gotta agree with him, cops are babied hella hard about their gear. You might as well make it a rule that says you are not allowed to tase cops at all. But anyway, I think you guys should do us all a solid and make Pharms. a Federal event. If we are no longer allowed to tase cops there you might as well make them go to it and have Federal rules apply to it. k thx xd *HQ takeovers are sexy as shit*

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