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  1. Hey Peter so with the gang warehouses is it based on what rank you are in the gang or can everyone get access to it? Also can rank 4 buy warehouses or just the leader?13962604_1101373573233972_5561404215279499655_n.png

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    2. Vincent Jacobs

      Vincent Jacobs

      @Augustus  @tkcjesse has already said he will not be using the key idea and it will be accessed through gang ranks exclusively   (as far as I know he's said)

    3. Augustus


      They should allow the leader to give keys to people that originally can't access crates or y inventory and that allows them too, but you'd automatically be able to if you were the certain rank.

    4. bigPat


      With this update, gang ranks themselves need to be fixed. 
      Rank 3 is still messed up. You can still kick/invite and access gang funds, when I belive you are only meant to be able to kick/invite. 

  2. donations

    I think there should be Banks in the major cites. So like 5 cops would have to be on to try to defend it. it would be like a small fed or something
  3. Happy Birthday Goodman



    [KP] Prime Aka Copenhagen 

  4. Lol this is great