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Locked Minor APD Changes

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44 minutes ago, Corporal_moob said:


We have some of our first APD Handbook/Ranks and progression changes.


Previous Speed limits - 

70km/h in towns

105km/h on the backroads

120km/h on the highways


100km/h in towns

120km/h on Back Roads

150km/h on Highways

(Updated on handbook)


2nd Change

The other thing that is changing are some of the minimum times to progress to each rank, this is to ensure that the candidates we are selecting are of the highest possible standard and are up to scratch. This is not to make it harder for people to achieve higher ranks within the APD, this is to ensure each position/promotion is valued, and that people TRULY deserving of the position may have a chance to do so.


Current time requirement for Corporal: 10,000 minutes.

New time requirement for Corporal: 15,000 minutes.

Current time requirement for Sergeant: 15,000 minutes.

New time requirement for Sergeant: 25,000 minutes.


*Anyone who is currently in these positions who do not meet the minimum requirement will not have any negative action taken against them, as they have already earned their rank under another administration*


Thanks Gents, Any queries, contact myself or another Senior APD member.


minutes to constable?


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15 hours ago, OlympusAccount said:

I love how the APD still think civies give a shit about the speed limits

Its not for the civs as much as its for the cops. I prefer to drive the speed limit when I'm patrolling so when someone goes flying past me I have PC to pull them over. If the cop is speeding its hypocritical to pull someone over for speeding.

13 hours ago, Corbaaan said:

Well i have like 100 something hours can I get constable :D. Dont take it serious

R.I.P. the dream.

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