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  1. One of the greats, O7
  2. I'll see your offer and raise you a potato
  3. Happy new year all
  4. Walking dead memorabilia
  5. Riddle 3 - Million
  6. he's right with you're
  7. Uk virtually found america, and Canada is half French, uk is better
  8. Best Shot: depends on the day Best Driver: since I got no ideas maddog Best Heli Pilot: dangusdean.... (Jk goat) Best Officer: gibbs Best R&R: mercury/ dante Best Kavala Troll (Not rulebreaker, legitimately funny RP): taxi marty Best RP'r: ham Most Tactical: moob Funniest/Most enjoyable to play with: grandma gary/ mercury Most Reliable: lucki Most Dedicated Player: clemenza edit best all around player - talindor
  9. As much as I appreciate the fact that you want situations to be role played as much as possible, sometimes listening to somebody's story is not always necessary, for example if they just shot 3 policemen, why would you listen to their story? You would simply process them. Granted MOST situations should be role played to their maximum, but it can be situational. Furthermore posting things like this on the forums is not going to help yourself, you are better off speaking to their Sr. APD representatives so that they can speak to the individual if necessary. If you wish to follow this up further I suggest you make a support ticket.
  10. Good luck with future endeavour's and hopefully see you around!
  11. -1 you told us when it was and not 12 units of time.
  12. Would you like to see this added to the server? (Even if you don't plan to purchase the content.) If you're talking about new textures, then no, I think it is not needed, whilst necessarily being something interesting and new, for the majority of players I don't think it would be used, and for the other majority I feel like it would lag games to much to be used well. Would you rather have the pay-per-upload system or a subscription based system? If it were going to happen, a pay per upload system is much better, I'd like to keep the skins I pay for. Would this be something you'd consider donating for repeatedly? No, sorry guys. Main problems are the time it would take to develop, and the potential extra 'texture bugs' that can occur. Nice post though Jesse!
  13. New cop stuff??? I love you @Poseidon and @Jesse!
  14. Generally black screening means a GPU failure I believe, check you have that all up to date.
  15. New admin head admin emma?