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  1. I rather just die and buy another load out for 200k than tank an extra bullet or two and die anyways at the price of an extra 300k. I suggest lowering the price
  2. I missed the drama... What's all this about with the tags and News Team? And why the fuck would you remove tags in ts? Lol

    1. Goodman


      • Topic 1: There was a decision, I believe by Poseidon, to remove TS tags around the name and instead have just the badges. 
      • Topic 2: News team is in the works and some don't think it should be a thing.


    2. CommanderSuki


      Some are blaming the News Team for the ts tags.

    3. JAY1HP


      Nobody cares what you missed Ph^zX

  3. You're stupid (:
  4. Might as well play wasteland I guess, I mean at least I won't get texture bugged on there. Supporting the dev team won't get you unpermed, just letting you know xD
  5. WHAT! You guys don't like the useless skins I make to texture bug the entire server? Well too bad because I'm a designer, my penis is a lot bigger than all of you, and I put countless hours so I refuse to change it. Done talking to designers/devs that are too full of their own creations to make changes for the better of the server. Even people with beefed rigs get the same issue? How about you buy one for everyone that needs a better computer? Or you can give them a simpler texture. All that needs to show is that they are APD... But no lets have a decent skin that will texture bug people as soon as they are within distance to be engaged... Smart. Some people also player servers that they can ACTUALLY play, you know... Performance wise. Besides, without that "hands up or die" or just the PVP aspect is what makes Arma. The first run drops him to 35 FPS with NOTHING in the area right after restart. Wait until 20-30 minutes till restart and have an APD prowler drive through the front gate, then tell me its playable. The R&R is a joke far worse beyond this one. Just sayin...
  6. Their*
  7. xD +1
  8. You're still alive?
  9. Not reading this entire thing because I know it would be you stating the fact that it's not just the hospitals. How about you try testing the old hospitals? Move everything back to how it was months ago. Of course other areas have these issues, but when you have the main airfield, an air HQ right across from the hospital and the fed within a 2km radius it gets pretty @Hectic when it comes to frames. On top of all these structures, a couple police vehicles and a ghosthawk is all it takes to completely ruin your experience. I've said this plenty of times... When it comes to performance I much rather have a sign in the middle of salt flats as a hospital than these big bulky useless buildings.
  10. Can we get rid of this system that spawns you outside of cartel when you soft log? 

    1. Snare


      Yeah it would be better if you guys added an option when you log in to be like zeus mode and click anywhere on the map to teleport there I think.

    2. badaim