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  1. So the guys with more money can tank more? Fuck that. Remove it completely. 2 shots to the chest with the strongest weapon in the server is more than reasonable. If you aren't removing CSAT might as well throw a lynx in rebel shops, at least that way we have some kind of powerful weapon to counter clothes that tank 5 bullets.
  2. I rather have a blank ghosthawk and a sign in the middle of nowhere as a hospital instead of this retarded creation Muthinator has made. Props for making the server unplayable though, I'll give you that much.

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      Most of our skins are similar/same size as vanilla arma textures so...

      Where are you getting your information from

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      Status update lit af 

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  3. Well we aren't going to let you take a free fed, so that's probably why we stopped yours. We don't do our own feds very often because of texture bugs.. When you are in VX grinding for OS
  4. Can't tell if you're being serious.. If you even wasted a minute on rendering a video and then another minute on uploading for a naked storing a hatchback you are beyond pathetic.
  5. Name: PhizX Reason: MC are my idols
  6. * Mfw gets banned for storing a hatchback ecksdee VX
  7. The current chief actually disagreed with my demotion , so sniff my balls I mean I don't mind the skins, just make them more simple? We don't need a digi camo ghosthawk for fuck sakes lol. Half my gang avoids feds because of the constant texture bugs.
  8. +1 "It's an Arma thing" -OS Yet I've never gotten a texture bug on any other server, ever. +1. This, I can't agree with. If you keep communications under control and you work together, Feds/Bw/and jails are extremely easy to do. It's not necessarily manpower you need, mostly teamwork. Blackwater is by far the easiest to do in my opinion, and most of the ones I've participated (either with or against) have been quite successful. If you think about it, Corporals and below have to drive in an open field for 400-600 meters and if you can't shoot them out before they reach you.... Well... I heard MC was recruiting. Fat +1, couldn't agree with this more. Another +1, very important point here. Remove Csat and make the cheapest 7.62 be 150k(Rahim 150k, Mk-1 175k and Mk-18 160k). Great fucking post man. I was gonna make something of this sort and post it on the forums but you literally took the words out of my mouth. Great ideas brought up and you gave possible solutions for some of them as well. +1 dude
  9. And this is a google search of you https://www.google.com/search?q=taylor+swift+fanboy&espv=2&biw=1680&bih=944&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj49dmCurjRAhXkLsAKHaliB4wQ_AUIBygC#imgrc=_
  10. Nevermind
  11. You guys might wanna remove the rebel shop too, you know, remove any sense of diversity we have just to improve our uniqueness. Ya know, just like big towers . Sounds like laziness is taking over, play Asylum and look at all these cancer tags that have no correlation to the alphabet or their gang name, then come and tell me it's hard to distinguish The New Kings and a star that everyone will eventually become accustomed to.
  12. Trump & Hillary T-Shirts available for purchase Water Scooter available for purchase Go-Kart vendor now available for your kart needs (He's at the go-kart track by the airfield) Finally. Been waiting for these super important updates for the longest now
  13. I rather the rating of one taps deteriorate than having people tank my shots 80% of the time and only hit a one tap if I'm lucky enough for them to have 75 hp. 7.62 is the strongest caliber in our server , and they cost almost twice the price of the Katiba , so for it to take 1/4 of a 20 round mag to kill someone is ridiculous . We almost never see guns like the katiba in cartels even though they aren't that small of a caliber . One taps were sick when people tanked , and even when they didn't , so that doesn't matter . A one tap is a one tap . Edit : Forgot to add that I've even taken as little as 1-2 damage from a mk-1 numerous times . I've called it out plenty of times to where people would vouch for the fact . Not that it's too important , but rooks consistently do 1-3 damage a shot to the chest which is an entire rook mag + to the chest for a kill
  14. I meant CSAT not GA
  15. Your name in game must be easily distinguishable from other names on the server. These names must be easily pronounced, use your common sense. Any names that do not fall within this rule will result in administrative punishment.This is the single most retarded rule we've updated as OS. +1 lol