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  1. not the place for this please follow this link http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/
  2. One more day then I'll be back iv missed you guys. I hate not having internet

  3. says im still banned

    on ts


  4. So lock this thread?
  5. this is not the place for a comp ticket + we are not giving any more comp for tonoa server. we gave everyone ample chance to sell there stuff
  6. Not the place for a player report please find the support tab to submit a player report
  7. Not the place for a ban appeal please located the support tab
  8. we know about the servers 

    bow explains it here


    If you can't use PayPal/Netflix/Github or any other services right now, its most likely due to a DDoS on their DNS provider. https://www.dynstatus.com/ 

    1. JBruesch


      He's waiting for the millimeter peter ;D

    2. SPBojo


      he looks all ready for some action, when did Olympus turn PG18?....

  9. The update brought a new way houses are synced. Unfortunately it nocked some virtual inventory out. If this happened to you please put a comp ticket in so we can get the issue resolved
  10. http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ use that link to apply