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  1. After a careful review it has been decided not to remove the ban. Please read the rules so this does not happen in the future. Sorry for the long wait
  2. we are aware that server 1 is down we are waiting on ovh

    1. Jesse
    2. Proud


      @Bow tell @Bow that @Bow needs to fix server 1, thanks @Bow

  3. yeah on my screen I was frozen in the car

    not in the church


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. graysonstanutz123


      oh ok then

      idk how this stuff works but sure

    3. DeadPool
    4. graysonstanutz123


      the one I didn't

      dosnt work

      I did all of thAT

      Ok I made a new one

  4. Winner is being picked winner is Warlord
  5. Post Enter if you want a chance to win a armed huron. Closes at 20:30PM GMT 3:30PM EST A winner will be randomly chosen Bow: APPARENTLY STAFF CAN'T ENTER
  6. congratulations @Poseidon

    Welcome to the APD


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    2. Aunt Jemima
    3. RambleR


      A cpl? Comon Poseidon, get that fatty hawk :)

      I remember playing with travis after he left. I was like who the fk is this guy :)

    4. DeadPool


      First off does this man even play?

  7. Don't let this thread become another lucky post I will have to lock it if it does turn into it
  8. I thought pubg was dead
  9. If we told you we would have to kill you
  10. We know about the servers just waiting on Poseidon 

    1. Orgondo


      ETA a really fucking long time.

    2. Unjo


      This is not the place for a ban appeal.

    3. Fusah
  11. Well I'm ready to be killed on sight 

    1. TheKoreanNation


      Meet me in Kavala I'm sure I can makes things happen

  12. nice try guys. 

    1. Cadetbus


      You on about people abusing the hunters?

    2. Panera
  13. why is this on my recommended list on youtube



  14. Technical we can but it's hard to do we need specific cords

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