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  1. just got asked this question today whats five + four wtf is wrong with people that dumb

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    2. Millennium


      was it someone in this community...

    3. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      Man they are really that stupid ?  damn . I mean it is simply. Five+ four = Three

    4. Ryan


      5 hours ago, Proud said:

      well the answer to any problem is 11

      is probably why im failing math

      idiot 5 + 4 = fish

    1. Fake and Gay Grandma

      Fake and Gay Grandma

      You literally suck. Can't even post a link with an image properly... should honestly consider deleting your profile <3

  2. eee05ee3ad89036929d4ce3412b98087.png

    1. Pledge


      THE NUMBERS @Mason Harrison WHAT DO THEY MEAN!?!?

    2. Mason Harrison

      Mason Harrison



  3. As many of you might of noticed the whitelist on the server has been REMOVED

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    2. Ryan


      @Hoonter u mad br0? L0L

    3. Dante


      50 minutes ago, Hoonter said:

      Did you flip a coin to decide that one?


      21 minutes ago, Ryan said:

      @Hoonter u mad br0? L0L

      Honestly change isn’t that big but a decision being made by a coin flip is the BIGGEST Gay. Would have been better to make the same decision but with like.. logic lmao. Dammit @Grandma Gary

    4. Soulz


      Yay... we aren’t ducked after all 

  4. Ares

    Not a permanent solution
  5. In an effort to keep Olympus clear of hackers, you all know we’ve implemented server whitelisting based on the amount of time they have in the servers. For the first week, we really hadn’t accepted new non-whitelisted accounts to assess the effectiveness of making the server ‘whitelisted’. Since its quite clear this solution works, it’s something we are going to stick with for the immediate future until we are able to come up with a more concrete fix to the issues which allow the hackers to do what they do. Because of this, our numbers have taken a bit of a hit, but not as bad as they were when the hackers were joining daily requiring us to roll back. We do understand the community has been able to survive this long based on new users joining to replace the old players quitting. That why we’ve added a support drop down/category for “Server White-list Application” and have been accepting applications after vetting them.
  6. oh no why you following me :P

    1. Ryan


      Woah... we thought you forgot your forum password!!

    2. Soulz


      Who’s this guy?

    3. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      Cause you've done nothing wrong but yet the community is mad at you Ares. Im showing the support that is free, a follow, instead of donating.

  7. Evann

    bot owner

  8. The devs are working hard to get the update ready. Hopefully should be done soon. Please be patient and trust that we will fix the servers and restore them to their former glory. 

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    2. swervy


      1 minute ago, rabeed said:

      can u retards stop

      Image result for down syndrome child

    3. Google


      Damn took a while to get a response, glad we got one from you though.

    4. RDyer216


      1 hour ago, MAV said:

      There are a lot of variables being tested + better security to prevent these asshats from doing what they did again.. we don't want to roll back without a solution and have to do it twice... just play and put in comp requests for any runs / legit money you make.

      A bigger issue is how unplayable thing are.  I didn’t sign up for the amount of retardedness on servers currently.  Too many rpgs and mk200s.  

      Decided to play Farm Sim 19 instead of getting titaned all night.

  9. Servers will be down until we fixed the issue

    1. Millennium


      I better not lose my 600K I just stored

    2. Justi


      Rip my run

    3. JSL


      the one time i was doing a successful run....


  10. Ares

    maybe both not sure the which i will be thinking about this in the future at the moment i need to settle in
  11. As many of you now know @Peter Long has stepped down from owner and passed the reigns on to me. As the new owner of Olympus i want to reassure that all donations from Mcdili on wards will be honoured, if you donated when Posiedon was owner then you will receive legacy donation rewards (if we can find the payment or you can provide the payment info). Anything that peter has approved for the server will still be implemented unless it turns out we missed something and it will cause issues. At the moment there will not be any major changed, there may be in the future when i get settled in and get the teething issues out the way. For my future plans I want to try and expand the community into possible different game modes within Arma and with games outside of Arma. I realise we have tried to do something similar in the past, and it didn't end up working out, but this time im hoping to do something different. This time we will be doing things the right way, releasing things properly and efficiently. I want to bring the best for the community, and grow it to be something bigger then itself. Hopefully everything will work out as planned, and I thank you for your patience! I would like to thank the whole staff (yes that includes the designers) that put in a lot of work and love into the community you are guys amazing we could not do this with out you guys. I would also like to thank everyone that is apart of the community and everyone that supports us to keep on going. If you have any questions that isn't unban me or this guy, then dont be afraid to ask just pm me on the forums or if you see me in teamspeak shoot me a message i will try and reply to all. I hope i do you proud @Peter Long Ares

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