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  1. Ares

    i must of been so drunk because i dont remember this at all its like it isnt me its some syrian guy that likes to blow people up @Hadi Mokdad
  2. Why did you close my ban appeal?

  3. ivy


    what did you do lmao

    1. draMa


      lmao not actually him. I banned him over here and he changed his name to that and tried to reconnect. 

  4. Ares

    do we need a oap selection for @Deputy Dog
  5. Ares

    Unfortunately there is not many good options that prevent rdmers that won't effect new players protecting them selfs. With life servers there will always be people that want to ruin the fun for other people. The best way to help deal with the idiots is to report them so we can remove them from the server
  6. Olympus cruise ship has set sail




    1. Christmas Dash

      Christmas Dash

      I don't know. But pretty sure a death happen at the end of the picture

  7. could u read my comp request reply I sent u the right link

    1. DABESTeva


      that will make it longer bud

    2. Ares


      already did it

  8. Ares

    I use plays.tv but upload it to YouTube because screw that stupid website But double check that a update didn't knock of your setting out becuase when shadowplay updates for me i have to redo my setting There should be a option in audio settings that says in game +mic
  9. Proud

    Happy Bday Senior Kaval Scat!

  10. Happy Birthday! Your more of a kavala scat than a admin tbh

  11. we are aware that server 1 is down we are waiting on ovh

    1. Jesse
    2. Proud


      @Bow tell @Bow that @Bow needs to fix server 1, thanks @Bow


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