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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you must be kidding just finished building my computer and the 1080ti just was officially launched

    Looks like I'm spending more money what the water blocks come out for it

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    2. yobson


      whats new pc specs?

    3. Ares


      I7 7700k 

      Asus maximus xi formula

      32gb corsair vengeance ram

      Samsung 850 evolution *2

      Asus gtx1080 still

      All water cooled

    4. Midnightcamo


      get fucked shitter

  2. It almost lives


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    2. Ignis


      Looks nice though man! Black kind red is always the way to go. 

    3. Fedot


      ARe you making an Open Design Computer?

    4. Ares


      Yes will be mounted on my wall

  3. Chapter 11: New Life Rule
  4. Chapter 11: New Life Rule
  5. Still in progress but getting there http://imgur.com/a/DcJLO
  6. Happy Birthday , still hate u :( for not helping me out, happy birthday tho 

    1. Ares


      ok then

    2. Emad


      im kidding , dont hurt me , im sorry <3

  7. fudge my nickel

  8. Ares has a forum account? lmao Happy Birthday man! ;)

  9. happy birthday

  10. happy birthday

  11. Happy Birthday 


  12. Happy Birthday. 

    My favorite a d m i n 


    "I don't need proof, I'm an Admin." -Ares 2016


  13. Happy Bday!!!!!

  14. Winner winner chicken dinner
  15. almost