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Gang Wars Idea

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Streaming the actual draft would be great too. After figuring out captains/amount of teams to make you could get all the captains with Peter and Peter could stream a draft. Could do this like a week before the actual event to give the teams time to talk and figure out their gameplans for the event. 

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10 minutes ago, Grandma Gary's Bitch said:

As long as @Ignis isn't running it... however this is the best fucking idea I've heard in 3 years of being on this God forsaken server stuck dealing with @Peter Long down my neck... So Pete you better get to working on this event asap. 

1. People sign up for the event to gather candidates 

2. Captains selected at random of those said candidates

3. Maximum amount of teams

4. Flip coin decide on where to fight win you choose map other team selects attack or defend

5. Kick some ass.

4. Could simply have a list with all the maps and teams can delete the maps they don't want to fight, and it will end up to 1 map at the end of the selection, so its not all one sided and not pure luck

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51 minutes ago, Grandma Gary's Bitch said:

2. Captains selected at random of those said candidates

Maybe not totally random but, from the ppl who sign up they can vote on captains? And so no favouritism captains should have a max amount of players allowed on their roster from their legit gangs ( eg. X gang member whos a captain is only allowed 4 members on their roster from the X gang)

2 hours ago, Toasty said:

Feel like the captains would be sort of bias, wouldnt they pick their own gangmembers and friends first?


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3 hours ago, Grandma Gary's Bitch said:

To Aunt: If we had 4-6 members in each "draft" this event would last days.... This tends to not work with peoples "schedules"

Aunt jemima is saying, if a captain is from Tree, that captain gets however many total members per team and subs, BUT he can only pick 4 people available who are also in Tree. He isn't saying, that there should be teams of 4 total people

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6 hours ago, Grandma Gary's Bitch said:

That's just like every fucking gangwara just smaller teams I liked the WIDE perspective of picking any players across olympus that's exciting not that stupid shit, I don't want the captain's having the ability to pre draw up their draft if that is the case they'd pick everyone in their gang and this even would be different at all.

Like I said. Teams would be 10-15 total players plus a few subs, but, with this draft style, if there's a captain who has to fill a 15 player roster, only 4 of those slots can be filled by people in his same gang. The other 11 people would have to be from different Olympus gangs.

Not that fucking complicated.

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My idea was have people volunteer to be captains and then they are either lottery picked or voted for

As for gangs they can only pick 3 or 4 of their own members to keep it fair and diverse, more fun that way.


EDIT** As for picking players, the captains are entered into a lottery and thats how the picking order is determined.

Every player who wants to participate's name is then available to them so they can pick. Hopefully we can include stats to go along with their name and gang, but that might not matter as much.

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