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    Hey guys! I'll have all the news team posts and info up when I get home from work today. Also, I apologize for not getting back to everyone last night, was 3am lol,but I'll be getting back to everyone today though!



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    1. TheRandomOne


      Just wait till I start my 10 part mini-series on the migration and habits of the average kavalian, a la steve Irwin style. That's gunna be some news.

  3. Wait a sec.... are you the one I call @Jaeger Mannen

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    2. TheRandomOne


      One day people will tell us apart

    3. Danger


      Maybe you can tell the people of Olympus in your first news broadcast!!!

    4. ThatRandomGuy


      No thats me


  4. Guess what's coming back:


    More info coming shortly guys :D

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    2. Strafe


      I like how my age is a insult. Also i know people get texture bugged on Asylum but its not as frequent i dont mind a texture bug here and there but every fucking hour pisses me off. Also before you call my pc shit. GTX 970 I5 12 GB of ram. Also i never said the hospitals are a problem. It seemed to be untill we realized its any custom texture, hell i got texture bugged at terminal storing a heli and some money i doubt the hospital had anything to do with that. Im simply saying we dont need super detailed textures or parts of the map. Things like those standing maps and such are more or less a hazard as walking into them kill you. And the billboards seem to serve no purpose at all, i also want to say these arent the main route of the texture bugs just the things ive been around when it happens.

    3. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Hey wasteland junkie, quit it! I got texture bugged just by passing through fed the other day... NO damn hostpital near. Just plain old texture-less fed. 

      I got texture bugged the other night even before having loaded everything, right after the startup menu and bam. Texture bug. You know damn well it's Bohemia. Also, just because asylum looks like a King of the hill server with little sticks and plaques for NPC's doesn't mean Olympus has to have such shit tier interactivity options as well. 

    4. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Honestly you guys are all being children. 

  5. I'll build an actual play list when I get home but as for some real hip hop artists: Token - Doozy: https://youtu.be/4UwH97qI0aM Rafael Casal - Fuego:https://youtu.be/Gly7DAL1FdU Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn: https://youtu.be/OO18F4aKGzQ Tech N9ne - He's a mental Giant: https://youtu.be/GupJwtLRp8Y This is just to get started of course, but better than that drake/desiigner garbage
  6. Good thing you don't have to worry about that.
  7. If we're in the business of calling people retarded, yes a Vermin is larger than 9 millimeter, you still have a better vest that protects against it. Plus he still not wrong in the fact that you don't need to mag dump to kill someone, if it takes you 15 rounds to kill one person pretty sure that makes you retarded. And if you're saying that the problem with the cops is their no new life rule then I default back to the fact that I guess you clearly need to learn tactics and situational awareness because you shouldn't be sitting in the same spot the entire time. You kill you move you kill you move honestly this is not difficult. If you lack situational awareness then no matter what buffs or debuffs any side gets you're still going to be bad.
  8. I forgot how sAPD is on 100% of the time. I agree with airman though, if you're worried about a deputy and a vermin, you gotta fix how you play dude. When I saw that vermins were given to deputies I thought "huh,nifty". Vermins are even less effective at range than stings. Any deputy who uses a vermin is now easier to kill at range. If you have problems shooting at a distance, then that's your problem not the servers.
  9. Accomplishes very little except for neutralizing the point and advantage of a ghosthawk. and nowhere does it say it can't go down to 7.62,just that it's a little more difficult.
  10. @Jesse correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not completely impervious to small arms, just more resistant. Also, if you just get tapped out of a 50 cal, you're situational awareness is no the strongest. Here's some tips for fighting ghosthawks if you don't want to buy a titan: gunners are still vunerable. Orcas can beat them on altitude.
  11. Hey @G.O.A.T., all APD officers can get ghosthawks now? Damn I missed that update, thanks for that! On the other hand, every civilian has access to ifrits and 50 cal offroads. Also: PO7,sting,vermin (which civs have access to as well),mx < 7.62 rifles. If you think those weapons are so OP, use them instead of an MK. P.s. the ghosthawk buff is for small Arms fire, aka titans will fuck it's day up. Just ask @Solomon. The real problem seems to be that you have to play more tactically/different then you normally do. The mag dumping might get slightly more difficult if you don't play smart.
  12. And civs have better armor, better guns, better vehicles Edit: Generally better tactics,too.
  13. Wow really it's almost like there should be some balance in a game. P.s. I can do this all day, it's a pretty slow day at work.
  14. You mean to tell me that an SMG designed for close range combat has a faster rate of fire than a marksman rifle? Riveting stuff. This might mean you have to change tactics?!?! The horror!
  15. You have access to a better vest than them and a higher caliber weapon. Apparently the only thing to fear is your inability to aim.