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  1. Does sound familiar.....
  2. That moment when Hostile Takeover tries to "recruit" you. *shudders*

    1. Show previous comments  2 more


      Lol. Sounds like a good time. We'll have to play sometime soon btw.

    3. TheRandomOne


      I'm down, felt good to Arma again



      I'll be on around 4 I think. Who knows, let's just play soon.

  3. So I have about 40 pieces of CSAT still, now seems like a good time to sell them. I'll make a post with pictures and shit,but who's interested?

  4. Good luck! @Tman15tmb
  5. I'm guessing you had the same idea then?
  6. TheRandomOne Battlegrounds Why? Looks like it could be fun! And mostly because everyone I know is playing it and I miss playing games with them haha.
  7. So is Battlegrounds actually worth it or is it just a hype train right now?

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    2. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      If you enjoyed King of the kill, you should enjoy this. Ignoring the bugs that come from a beta, I love the game. I'm just bad. 

    3. TheRandomOne


      My biggest gripe is that it's ONLY one game mode

    4. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Well, that's why it's not a 60 dollar game. I'm hoping even out of beta it never is because of the fact that it's only one game mode. 

  8. When/how did that become an insult anyway?
  9. "On your neck for no reason", eh?
  10. @Dante Fleury still have the video?
  11. And yet I've seen you cheat on the cqc server a couple of times. You even posted it to your YouTube....
  12. Whays that cqc server everyone plays on called?

    1. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Uncle Geo? Assuming you're referring to the one we played. I haven't seen it on my recent list in quite a few days for some reason. I don't know if it's down or what. 

    2. RogueMK


      They got a new server due to the 64bit it's still called the same just takes some searching 

  13. Goodbye News Team

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    2. Augustus


      Lasted about two weeks :4head:



      It was a good run. Hopefully it can be picked up by somebody, if not, it was a fun time to be able to work with you on creating the News Team. I enjoyed every second of it.

    4. Fedot


      Youre salty af and edited this post 5 times

  14. So, time for some headset recommendations. What are you guys rocking?

    1. Tobias Foxtrot

      Tobias Foxtrot

      Logitech G930

    2. TroyOGG


      Turtle Beach Stealth 450 

      Best headset ive owned wireless, battery lasts a long time and very nice to wear.

    3. platinumfire


      astro A40s


  15. Everyone else is playing Battlegrounds and here I am just playing Astroneer

    1. Tommy Wiseau

      Tommy Wiseau

      astroneer is lit tho


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