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Altis Life "Map Update"



On Saturday we released our big Map Update+ to the live servers. Here's the changelog:

  • Completely new map, most objects are now client side, went from 2900+ objects server side to 106.
  • Npc's are now animated (although some are not customized so they have silly animations, service stations should look good tho)
  • Re-made nametags, they no longer get stuck on your screen, and you can see players in cars.
  • The bottom right hud for food and stuff has been updated so that it scales properly for all screen resolutions
  • Various performance optimizations server side, hopefully the map changes also help server performance.
  • Reduced to 3 cartels
  • New menu system, all menus fade or animate, and Y-menu has been remade
  • New settings menu allows you to save view distance and other changes, and allows you to partially reduce grass quality.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Housing/Crates fix. Certain houses would not pull up a menu due to bohemia breaking a function with their latest update.
  • Crates from previous house owners no longer spawn, this only happened under certain conditions
  • Fixes for invisible menus
  • Various server side bug fixes
  • Jail time is reduced 33%
  • Once you escape jail your un-served time no longer saves.
  • Weapon sway reduced 25%
  • Redgull and other random redgull like items buffed, they last slightly longer, and allow you to run and aim 10% faster.
  • Thirst lost from redgull like items has been reduced
  • Upgrading house storage unlocked for all since I got around to fixing crate bugs
  • Fix for progress bar not showing text
  • Increased cartel capture radius from 50/75 to 70/95. meaning you must get within 70 meters of the flag, but can then walk up to 95 meters away from the flag.
  • Damage from vehicle collisions reduced 80%
  • Fix for not being able to place crates after just purchasing a house, a relog was required before.
  • Fixed air/boat mod-shop hitboxes. Boat service stations will no longer service air vehicles.
  • Added more settings to y-menu. You can now disable ambient life like birds/snakes/random noises, and you can now choose what percentage of decorative objects you want to spawn in upon connecting to the server.
  • Optimized event handlers for when you take damage
  • Weapon sway is reduced from last RC, it's now only 35% of the default arma sway compared to the last RC which was 75% of default.
  • Players who have the same name as other players online will now correctly show their number after their nametags and in other menus like the wanted list, this allows you to easily distinguish between players with the same name.
  • When loading in your player will now be at the correct height instead of on the surface of the terrain, this should prevent players from getting stuck in floors of buildings after connecting.
  • Hunger, thirst, and player damage now save.
  • Fixed DP missions
  • Hunger and thirst no longer kill you immediately, they slowly drain your health
  • Updated intro information, and moved it to the left side of the screen


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