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  1. looking for ppl to fight gw with hmu <3

  2. sooooo does that mean more gangs can submit rosters?
  3. Happy Birthday @DaneG you inactive wooden teethed schmuck:wub: 

  4. Can't camp a gang shed if it's blown up


  5. Donald Trump is your president. ecksdee Sorry.
  6. 1:54 rip my head lmaoooo @Dante @Arigato @Hot Pocket was right lmaoooooooo
  7. hell the fuck yes.
  8. gratz to @OutCast and @Julian! Big moves

  9. Sorry
  10. 515273028a1aafa6586bdd3d9bea38ce.png LMAO wtf. Who is rosie and how can I get her number:dejaywink:

  11. 479 322 plzzz <3
  12. New Year new me?

  13. Congrats to the boy @Hot Pocket and @Ron on sgt! 



  14. Happy birthday fam! <33 


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