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  1. Just thought recently that it would be nice to get some gang aesthetics in game like a skinned hat or uniform would be cool

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    2. tryhardsqueaker


      8 minutes ago, MonsteReZ said:

      havnt seen a server with custom gang uniforms that dont require whitelisting, and ive played most servers that have this feature, you could put them in the normal rebel clothing stores, but you would have some wanna be retards running around in gang uniforms even tho there not even in that gang

      Would it be possible to have everyone in the gang spawn in wearing the uniform? 

    3. MonsteReZ


      ^ well i mean that would prob be #1 hard to do, #2 would they have gang vests?

    4. Civak


      21 minutes ago, MonsteReZ said:

      ^ well i mean that would prob be #1 hard to do, #2 would they have gang vests?

      Not hard to do, Jesse could easily manage it. Not sure how much Olympus has changed from the altis life framework, but when a player spawns there's a call to a function for player skins. Sort of like how cops have different textures for each rank, the same could be done for civilians by editing the civ loadout to account for members of gangs that have special clothes, adding the uniform that you want textured to them, and then checking for group player getVariable "gang_id" (or gang_name, however Jesse would decide to do it) and doing a switch with it to see which texture to apply. This would also cover whenever a player buys a new pair of fancy "gang clothes" and texture it accordingly.


      Hopefully this is actually done for an in-game fee. Would be nice to see.

      Edit: Gang vests would be a no-go.

      Edited by Civak
  2. Aunt Jemima

    I mean there used to be 2 Olympus servers there for a while and Olympus was always competing with Asylum and I'd say always was a very close 2nd. Then somewhere we got Jesse and actually had an active dev team and people started to realize that Asylums servers were dog shit and you'd lose connaction every 40 minutes and their dev team was fucking the dog and we basically got a lot of asylum players coming over and added a 3rd altis server and now its not much of a competition between here and Asylum. And even though poseidon was good having an active server owner with mcdili also helps a butt ton.
  3. Aunt Jemima

    Dear god if this is a typed rap battle...
  4. Are there like custom titles or some shit?

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    2. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      I seen some really weird titles like peter long and some other weird ones idk

      I might just not have them idk 

    3. Benjamin Remer

      Benjamin Remer

      Sir Peter Long is a title, there isn't any custom titles

    4. MAV


      Gotta eat 500 donuts to rock the sir peterlong tag!

  5. o7 to an og vx rat who helped me get corp @Jordan540 gonna miss ya bud <3

  6. Aunt Jemima

    Was just about to say this it all depends what you're looking for you wanna chill you go with indica, you wanna have a good time go with sativas or a hybrid.
  7. Fuck man I shoudlve put in those 4 hours a week smh

    1. Kden


      I’d rather see you in a sgt spot then some individuals.

  8. Ok heres a question why the fuck is there not a garage at the prison? Like why I gotta walk 700m to the nearest garage after I get out?

    1. Orgondo


      458m if you go to Taxi 

    2. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      thats not helping lmao 

    3. Pledge


      Part of the punishment :Kappa:

  9. eta on Maldennn

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    2. MonsteReZ


      2 years

    3. Jesse


      The post was posted wayyy to early imo by an anxious staff member. We hadn't even started a map design at the point it was posted...

      The goal target has always been mid-july. Specifically the 18th. At this point, we've pushed it back one week. Next weekend staff/trusted people will be able to test it out and check it out and offer feedback. Then the following week we should be able to open up the server if all goes to plan. So far we're pretty on-track.

    4. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      please let me be a trusted member lmao

  10. Aunt Jemima

    Dude if you ever hear anyone EVER say "execute order 66" you best believe your ass is dead as fuck.
  11. 85f1af6180cc81ac09323f653c5a7dcd.gif 


    Edited by Aunt Jemima
  12. Everyone’s been sleeping on Croatia smh

    1. thorr


      France will stamp on Croatia 

    2. Yikers


      anddddddddd they lost @thorr

  13. Soccer is not coming home. Sorry England:D

    1. ArX



  14. What ever happened to that draft gang wars idea @Arigato thought of?

    1. Dante


      Lmao @Hot Pocket get fucked. 

    2. Hot Pocket
  15. Aunt Jemima

    lol you sure?

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