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  1. Happy birthday @buckie miss hearing you go IN on mans ❤️ 


    1. buckie


      Love you auntie you always my king 

  2. Yoo I gotchu with that discount
  3. Happy birthday @billdroid you turd

  4. Devs would have to set spawns for every owned 3 crater and 4 crater on the map so they don't blow shit up on spawn tho
  5. R.I.P Black mamba 

    one of the greatest to ever do it 

  6. Bro why is my game max out at 30 fps? In the menu it wont go higher than 30 fps and flashes yellow what is this

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    2. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      is that actually what v sync does lol

    3. Ryan


      11 minutes ago, Aunt Jemima said:

      is that actually what v sync does lol

      yes it caps it to your monitors fps

    4. TempCool


      I highly doubt this mans monitor is a 30hz @Ryan :bork:

  7. yoooo @Greenbum got sgt letss goo sapd actually made a good choice for once 

  8. @SystemChips obvious choice gratz bro ❤️ 

    1. SystemChips


      lol i hope so ty fam

  9.  If you didnt already hear this, you're welcome.

  10. Been a while since I've had to spam into a server I forgot that was a thing

  11. Thanksgiving is better in October just saying 😉 

    1. Masoooooooooon


      Hey Jemima it's ok since we both don't celebrate thanks giving we can stick together!

    2. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      nah you're on your own over there cutie

    3. Dante
  12. Aunt Jemima


    o7 mufflover69 Gonna miss your big brain good luck with the start up buddy
  13. What’s better to buy a new headset Black Friday or cyber Monday?

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    2. Orgondo


      Really depends tbh, some Black Fridays they have good deals but Cyber monday can have some nutty ones.

    3. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      Shit thats what I was thinking only thing is they don't normally release cyber monday prices until black friday lol 

      if anyone sees any good headset deals lmk 

    4. Drippp


      I’ll sell you mine 

  14. If you’re wanted for 60k and have an illegal gun just pay the ticket on the spot to save your run. If you’re gonna go big on a legal run do it legally with weapons and a clean bounty. Otherwise you may as well do an illegal run as cops will try to search your truck either way the second the see you’re wanted.
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