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  1. If anyone currently in high school could take this survey I'd appreciate it, it's for an assignment.  (should be fixed, I deleted the other one) 


  2. Seth Mobster

    Pretty sure that's why he's selling them lol
  3. Well, money is fixed but now I have 0 hours on civ, r&r, & the apd as well as 0 Kills and Deaths?

    Oh and I get kicked off the game whenever I escort somebody, Script Restriction #17





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    2. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      34 minutes ago, Bojo said:

      You know they fucked up when someone who wasnt affected by the rollback lost all their stats.


    3. Google


      Lost all my stats as well

    4. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      Lost all my stats as well

  4. Seth Mobster

    House tax 10% of the house purchase - Anyway you could explain this more in-depth? I don't understand.
  5. Seth Mobster

  6. Seth Mobster

  7. Seth Mobster


    1 warpoint = 15k, RPG rockets are decently priced @ 150k but depends on the seller, whereas the Armed Quilin goes for WAY LESS than 5 mil (like 2-3m) so if you're trying to help maybe get your info checked.
  8. Seth Mobster

    Because they're an issue that needs to be altered/changed but nothing is ever done about it, get the server fixed and the tasers nerfed & then the posts will stop.
  9. Are the march rewards already in place (talking about the federal event buff)

    25% increase in Gold Bar payout at Federal Reserve.

    Increase Loot Spawn in Blackwater Loot Pool (rare items/vehicles).

    1. DeadPool
    2. Seth Mobster

      Seth Mobster

      2 minutes ago, D P said:


      Thank ya

  10. Seth Mobster

    Sorry, the stuff has already been sold. My apologies
  11. Seth Mobster

    I only have 2 spar-16s left so I'll sell to you for 4.2m ---UPDATED INVENTORY--- 1x ADR Taser 2x Spar-16s 1x MX3GL  2x Spar16GL 2x MXM 1x Heli Crew Helmet (Black) 1x Enhanced Combat Helmet (Black) - Sgt Helmet 1x Sgt. Beret 3x T4 Sgt. Vests
  12. Seth Mobster

    5.5m and you have a deal
  13. Seth Mobster

    200k+, that's a good price for standard MX's
  14. Seth Mobster

    ADR Taser* Screwed up 1 letter, it's the p90- SGT+
  15. Seth Mobster

    I'm selling some sgt+ gear and some corp shit, I'll only sell to you if you come on S2 and you pay prior to getting the tasers/gear. https://gyazo.com/4433d13b8c4019ba69f80969887a7122 https://gyazo.com/b3bfd36b4fd58ec3a3336c4e05d54285 https://gyazo.com/91c26f2a1325e2ce0ec2177fcee818fb ---INVENTORY--- 1x ADAR Taser 3x Spar-16s 1x MX3GL 2x Spar16GL 2x MXM 1x CMR Taser 1x Heli Crew Helmet (Black) 1x Enhanced Combat Helmet (Black) - Sgt Helmet 1x Sgt. Beret 3x T4 Sgt. Vests PM ME OFFERS

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