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  1. Why is the fucking Sofia HQ surrounded by 20ft cement walls and only have one entrance? It's impossible to actually attack, who's the retard in charge of designing these places?

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    2. Kamikaze


      1 hour ago, Bojo said:


      kinda weird how apd complained about only 2 entrances at a rebel but only have 2 on their hq :4head:

    3. Bloodmoon


      Just remove the APD already

    4. KrispyK


      11 hours ago, Bojo said:

      Funny how you say that but refuse to make the apd have a brain :) You have a hq with 20ft concrete walls in a closed up area where vans cant really reach unless you do a exploit which im not going to mention. You have every hq equipped with more or less only 2 entrances (unless you again, exploit). we have a fully open rebel on a ground level often with vantage points around it. We have a fed? Sure, you have vans which makes the walls around it irrelevant. Before you tell people to use their brain look at your own faction and realize how brain dead every single one of you are.


  2. What’s the going rate for P90 tasers?

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    2. Bojo


      1.3 / 1.5 ish

    3. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      yea forgot ab that tbh

    4. Seth Mobster

      Seth Mobster

      Alrighty, thanks all.

  3. Seth Mobster

    ThatEgoGuy15 is a socially retarded manlet that thinks that because he has a rank on an online game he's hot shit.
  4. Seth Mobster

  5. Seth Mobster

  6. Doesn't the APD have an age requirement?

    Edited by Seth Mobster
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    2. Mason Harrison?
    3. D P
    4. ThatNerdyGuy


      Again, a video from 2013 or 2014. Time to get some new content. Not like I’ve seen these videos posted before. 

  7. Seth Mobster

    You told me to reapply in February and you'd consider lifting my blacklisttttt noooooooo how is it ever gonna get lifted with the BEST sAPD member @Pledge as the chief? @Pledge unblacklist me and I'll suck tf out of those juicy toes of yours. Fr though, one of the better people on the server. You will be missed o7
  8. Seth Mobster

    Thermal NVGs for Medic rank Coordinator+ Can we rob medics now lmao
  9. Seth Mobster

    Well it has to do with federal events . That's why I was putting in my two cents. Besides isn't that your job to bring it up with them as a civilian council member? Love ya <3
  10. Seth Mobster

    Lower the NLR in Kavala to 5 minutes? Not that anyone obeys that rule in Kav anyways but yeah?
  11. Seth Mobster

    Give medics their money back when @ federal events. Many medics don't want to be taken hostage anyways, it's AIDS. Making it so that they earn nothing for the time their forced to put in is ludacris. If a medic wants to be taken hostage in order to help with a federal event, whether that's because they're associated with the people doing it in some way or another (I know getting taken hostage by your own gang is against the rules but it happens anyways). It's going to happen either way. I think that a decent middle ground for it would be that they make half money or that a civ needs to have eyes on them 24/7 for them to be truly "taken hostage" otherwise they can escape before their alloted time is up or something like that. As a member of the R&R and a member of a prominent gang on the server I think that this needs to be changed, it helps no one. Medics will still get taken hostage but it's just gonna piss them off a hell of a lot more. @Mercury Also, I think the rules behind SDAR's is that if there is a count of 5 or more lethals (could be altered) online they should not be ok to be authorized unless the APD is any means necessary. The fact that at this current moment you can have a channel with 8 corps 2 sgts. and a plethora of other ranks and they can allow all of them to have lethals is bullshit. APD is powerful enough as is, we don't need everybody to have lethals. ESPECIALLY when the cop stack exists.
  12. Seth Mobster

    I have 2 more of these, same price, buy from him first doh
  13. Seth Mobster

  14. Seth Mobster

    What about a tempest device skin?
  15. Seth Mobster

    Sorry, those are already in the process of being sold. If they for some reason aren’t, I’ll hit you up. Updated inventory:| Spar16-s x 3 | Spar16GL x 2 | Pilot Coverall x 4 | Stone x 27

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