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  1. How do you know that? Were you on medic with me? Do you have server logs?
  2. I shit once, wipe my ass 4-5x, flush the toilet once, wash my hands once, walk back to my computer once, sat down once, got back on my computer and flew to cartel once, picked up the guy once, proceeded to give 4-5 people dopamine, then flew to warzone, stored my heli, and respawned Sofia to get someone there, I then proceeded to redeploy Kav and get the guys there, then I logged off.
  3. How am I gonna deny you when I'm in my bathroom taking a shit? Also I was gone for like 4-5 minutes and I went for a guy that had requested before you at cartel.
  4. Tbh, I had to take a fat shit.
  5. Reeee
  6. suppressor
  7. 2.5?
  8. 2mil for suppressor.
  9. The admins are asleep post coconut crabs.



  10. They are people that are not getting paid to do a job that takes up hours of their own free time. You shouldn't expect them to drop everything for you.
  11. Might be a bug in their system for the VAC bans. I'd advise sitting in the ban center of the Olympus TS.
  12. Fat Mongol? Mongolian Power?

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