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Roundtable summary 2020-01-12

i win


Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement.


  • Add Cartel map marker if there are players on the cap contesting @G F
  • When you request a war, keep the war request window open instead of automatically closing allowing you to request multiple wars faster @Jimmy Jarvis


  • Garage "spam prevention" timer removed or reduced depending on performance @Bloodmoon
  • Armed plane weapon changed to the .50cal, this enables the crosshair again @Bloodmoon


  • Add a WPL only Panic Button, sends the APD a dispatch on use @buckie
    • 15 space, makes carrying one a conscious decision, more money or more potential protection.
    • Costs 20k to purchase.
    • Only WPL license holders can use the button preventing spam and abuse by rebels.
  • Add the ability to save two loadouts @Mason Harrison


  • More default clothing options availiable in the Vigilante clothing store @Kaniel Outis


  • Add gang bank ledger to the stats page if you are logged in and rank 4+ @Noahhh!


  • Add a pissing animation and particle effect usable via a hotkey @Mr Majestic

Staff Roundtable

  • Add “Staff to civs” server message for staff
  • Let admins check house registration on civ
  • Let admins seize items on ground on civ
  • Add more vehicles to admin spawn menu
    • AT offroad, .50 cal truck
    • Pawnee, Armed boat, Armed hunter
    • Armed strider, AT Prowler
  • Add OS uniform

You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:


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