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Roundtable Summary 2020-07-12



Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement.


  • Add all bandanas to CIV clothing @Silton


  • Make garages available after conquest for 5 minutes. @walt



  • Add Messenger Bags to Clothing Store, Rebel, and Vigilante Outpost. @DubbedSoap
  • Add Vigilante Tier Rewards to Vigilante Rules (Sting 25 arrests, T3 Vest 50 arrests, SPAR16 100 arrests, SPAR16S 200 arrests.) as well as whoever gets the taze first gets the bounty. @Skateezy


  • Make fed/bw dome not able to be blown up.
  • Add pharma titles, counts for everyone that gets money @Ross_
    • Pharma Pirate - 25
    • Perc Perpetrator - 50
    • El Chapo - 100

APD Roundtable


  • Require Banks to have 3+ people with 5.56 to plant bombs
  • WZ payment disabled for 30 minutes during/after a federal event
  • No wave limit if a Blackwater vehicle goes to Warzone
  • Make Blackwater vehicle seizable for 4 mil
  • Blackfish vehicle variant to 5 mil
  • Tase requirement at Warzone
    • POs being forced to taze first wave instead of having the ability between choosing between tazing/lethaling 1st wave

Staff RoundTable


  • WPL License add regular MX


  • Rebel License would now cost $250,000
  • Lower betting cap to 5 mil

You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:



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