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Roundtable Summary 2020-08-16



Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement.


  • The Walt Act
    • 12 player group cap for gangs during conquest
    • Combine North & South Warzone Maps (5000 Points to Dominate this map)
      • Make new rebel a second conquest rebel
    • Ability to spawn at conquest rebel from anywhere 
    • Safezone increased at conquest to 250m
    • Earlier conquest times
      • 6pm est for majority of conquest
      • Allows for more participation from uk/ eu players
    • Incentive for dominating conquest via stats page
      • Monthly gold wetsuit skin for #1 gang in conquest wins
    • 10 mil conquest pot at start rather than 5 mil
    • Conquest wp changes
      • kill wartarget = 3 points
      • kill player = 2 points
      • die to wartarget = -1 poiint
      • die to player = -1 point
    • Make coming higher place give you larger percentage of the pot split remaining 65% amongst all gangs
      • 1st: 20%
        2nd: 10%
        3rd: 5%
    • Re-evaluate warpoint vest prices and scale to 15k a warpoint


  • Titan charge after hitting someone with a titan should get some kind of charge @GoonThe13Yearold
    • "Use of titan"
    • Charge would be 10k added automatically
    • Anytime a titan is fired at an aerial vehicle


  • Double the efficiency of the current processing buff by requiring half the amount to be processed to acquire the bonus  @Mason Harrison @SuWooP


APD Roundtable


  • Mk20 to PO+
  • Taru variations to Sgt+ 
  • AK 75rnd Magazines for Lt+
  • Invisible Bergen for Retired SAPD+


  • Allow SAPD to sling dopamine crates ONLY after the cap is cleared and no one is contesting
  • Spikestrip weight from 15>10

R&R Roundtable



  • Increase payout in Warzone/Rebels to 17.5k 

Staff Roundtable


  • Make a higher percentage off of arms dealer cartel -the man himself @Ryan

You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:



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  • Senior Admin
10 minutes ago, WALT™ said:

@Jig @nomadox and the community for the ideas/ suggestions. Glad we could get some of these ideas implemented in the near future. Thanks for everything

Great ideas man wonder where you get them all

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