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Conquest Changelog 1/28/22




  • Kujari
    • Additional vehicle spawner to Afofo
  • Stratis
    • Additional vehicle pull to Southern Rebel
  • Black and CTRG T4 Vest variants to Warpoint Clothing
  • Black Variants of all weapons to Olympus+ Subscribers
  • Confirmation to safe redeploy while your respawn timer is still up


  • Kujari
    • Kawiya
      • Rebels moved closer to caps
    • Ari
      • Second Rebel moved closer to Southern caps
  • Chernarus 2035
    • All rebels re-formatted to current layout
    • Waterview Slaughter
      • Charlie ladder point reworked
    • Vybor Airfield
      • Echo school building made indestructible
  • Stratis
    • Southern Rebel spawn in location
    • Trees removed from Southern Rebel spawn
  • Takistan
    • All towers removed from points
  • Tanoa
    • Obstacle course reworked to be harder
  • Sarahni 
    • South Shore
      • Bravo Point building that could see through smoke removed
  • Reduced loadout timer from 15s -> 2s
  • Armed Vehicles can no longer be marked for anti-despawn script
  • SWAT weapons are no longer capable of tasing
  • Safe Redeploy has been moved from NPCs to Signs


  • Chernarus Winter
    • Zone 1 Alpha
    • Zone 2 Alpha
  • Chernarus 2035
    • Waterview slaughter rebel spawn order
    • Y falling through the floor on Vybor Airfield Charlie
  • Tanoa
    • Sugarville
      • Alpha point invisible train
      • Alpha point shack doors now work
  • Players can now reload and run simultaneously


  • Significant unused functionality from altis life
  • Ability for all factions to restrain
  • Actions that were not visible to players but still running
  • NPC animations
  • Desk/Chair setup in Megaquest Hub causing players to get stuck


Hotfix #1

  • Further network optimizations
  • Fix warpoints not being awarded for SWAT kills
  • Fix airdrop
  • Fix payouts skipping players that never captured a flag


If you don't want to wait for the mission file to download in-game, you can download them all from google drive manually.

Please reference this chapter in the Wiki regarding that: 



If you find any issues please submit a bug report under the support section.


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