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  1. sleeper agent deployed

    1. Quintin


      //pd, u deserved it nig

  2. thanks man xd
  3. Would be pointless as it really wouldn't solve anything. Arma is just getting stale, noone would want to put in any time to restart and new players that just started a few weeks/days ago would be turned off instantly having to start all over again.
  4. Thanks for all the birthday wishes lads, couldn't reply to everyone as I was quite busy but I appreciate it a lot.

    1. 7om


      oh man happy late birthday cartel god!

  5. Happy Birthday!


    1. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton


      Nothing to see here just a dude working a cash register in the middle of the apocolypse

    2. DanteFleury


      Thats some high quality breathing

    3. platinumfire


      hey ur a wheezing son of a bitch just like me haha

  7. don't fucking complain if your not willing to do anything to help fix it.
  8. TL;DR: Record and Report. literally 90% of civ's i try to rp with either give me stupid story's that i hear every day or want to try to rp out of 25 manslaughters. "shit dude i lose my keys a lot and have to pick my car" "dude i have an illegal weapon now but i swear 9 of my manslaughters were with a protector all in self defense" Give good rp, get good rp back, its not that hard.
  9. Maybe you should be more clear, but that isn't the only example of what I'm talking about, a lot of stuff in the past has been brushed aside because it would create more work because of a bigger chance of abuse. Best example i can think of is back in the day where everytime anyone said Deputy's needed stings any SR-APD member laughed it off, it finally got implemented and literally almost nothing changed.
  10. I honestly feel like brushing off features because it creates more work in the short term and maybe the long term is such a shitty/lazy mindset to have. If you don't wanna do the job don't volunteer for it.
    1. Excision


      i remember this song from GTA 5

    2. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      Is that our fucking lockpicking sound in the background 

    3. Joel


      I cant settle this song or this song for a montage 


  11. I have watched this about 100 times https://streamable.com/yz39l

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    2. Bow


      This is raw footage of Kavala attacking the police HQ

    3. Pledge


      @Silton is there anything wrong with that?

    4. Silton


      @Pledge if you mean being an arsenal supporter. Yes :Kappa: