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    1. Excision


      new montage song boys

    2. Kanger


      Somebody definetly needs to make a montage with this song hahaha

  2. brb boys gotta get me beanz
  3. happy bday to my boy @7om u a real one 

    1. Bocephus


      Still lagging to this day 


  4. i eat ass 

    1. I Am Fuzzy


      I hope you enjoy it.

    3. Danger


      Let me know if it tastes like groceries

  5. Yeah theyre pretty chill, drunk 90% of the time but all around fun guys. Crab and Salmon are def the two that are commercial fished for the most.
  6. Not so much fisherman in the main cities, but if you watched the show Deadliest Catch and want to meet those guys, head down to the homer spit, this is where all the deadliest catch boats dock in the off-season and most of them live here. There's a famous bar that i visited, didn't drink cause i'm not 21, called the Salty Dawg and I got to meet 2 of the boat captains which was pretty dope. About the pipeline, to each there own, it amazes me how large it is when your standing next to it, but I see your point.
  7. I cant speak as far as Mining as i honestly have no idea other then a few places I know they still pan for gold, but our biggest resource up here is Oil, I mean 2/10 people you meet work on a damn Oil rig, its insane. Speaking about oil, another thing to see would be the massive oil pipeline Alaska has. Goes from Prudoh Bay to Valdez, which is basically all the way north to all the way down south, dont exactly know how long it is off the top of my head, but its a sight to see.
  8. Like i said Denali for sure. Another place if your into Skiing/Snowboarding would be Alyeska Ski resort, some of the best skiing in North America.
  9. Yeah, anything else you want to know? I've been all around Alaska and there honestly nothing more beautiful then Denali, if you want to id search it up, honestly one of the most beautiful places and coolest national park.
  10. Reminds me a little of of downtown Anchorage, every year a bunch of people build ice sculptures and it turns into this really cool place to take kids and play around at. heres an example


      We got to BW and all of the sudden, ghost hawk, hunter, strider. We all get caught, and it's like 5 seniors who had po tags in teamspeak. Like... fuck, that was fun though. Props to the ghost hawk gunner. He really lit up my ifrit. Let's not forget the boating that went down. I mean, if my mic worked, it would have been a lot more fun, but that was funny as fuck.

    2. Excision


      the fucking tail rotor cut that dudes head off



      That was goat. And I was the gunner in it before that fatty delete button got hit. That was a very funny time. Btw, shoutout to goat for reducing my ticket. All I heard in teamspeak was shit about robocopping and about no rp and shit. Goat had to deal with me typing all that shit I had to say. Which I enjoyed. It was one of the funnies/ best experiences I've had fighting cops. Wish I had a working mic, but whatever.

  11. cya around dude never stop sending those you know whats down range
  12. Might need a touch up.
  13. Thank the RNG Gods for getting me selected as an alternate juror for my panel. No longer have to appear everyday. FeelsGoodMan