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Altis Life Update 12/26/15



This update is mainly fixes for issues from the previous updates.

  • Revive system reverted to old one temporarily, this will fix a lot of issues including yinventory ones for cops
  • Removed trees and presents
  • Tweaks/fixes for CTF
  • Siren/light issues should be resolved
  • Intro music plays for a shorter duration


Recommended Comments

Just a note.  The new system was not overwhelming supported by R&R personnel.  The fact that people cannot rely on the person still being there when they respond to the call is huge.  I do not know the limitations of the new system.  Some things to hopefully consider.

  1. Request button that prevents people from re-spawning
  2. Animation when reviving
  3. Change revive action so that once revive is initiated medic does not have to hold down button, which would allow the medic to move and look around during the revive.
  4. Indicator on dead persons screen saying how far away the medic is.
  5. Remove notification when APD members are killed.
  6. It would be nice to have a function that would allow the medic to hit a button once a revive request is received.  Once the button is hit it would tell the dead person that the medic has received the call and is enroute or is in Q.
  7. Drag bodies!

Im probably forgetting something.


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