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Altis Life Update 12/23/2015



  • Hotfix #1

    • Fixed cops randomly losing there vests
    • Fixed manslaughter charges not being added upon killing a player
    • Capture the flag tweaks and fixes
    • Reduced intro music length

Altis Life Christmas Update

  • When creating a group you can now set a password that people can use to join while locked.
  • News team slots re-added
  • Presents added under the trees in all major cities, open them to receive a gift (have you been naughty this year....?) 
  • More potential fixes for the revive system, dropping backpacks, stuff
  • Kavala hospital re-decorated by Muthinator
  • Fixed flags not moving
  • Start time changed from noon to 6am so the first day cycle is longer
  • Medic DP missions fixed
  • Modifications made to R&R textures and clothing shop structure.
  • The Face Mask Helmet is now in place for higher R&R members.
  • Paramedics now have access to the Repair Offroad
  • Search and Rescue now have access to the Orca helicopter to make approaching red zones safer
  • Hemtt Fuel is now available to Air Responder
  • The EMT Uniform is now in place for EMTs
  • The G key (horn) feature now works properly for R&R.
  • The SUV and the Hatchback (Sport) now play the same sound APD vehicles play.
  • A random Arma 3 sound track plays while you're loading into the server (music needs to be enabled)
  • Surrender optimizations 
  • Updated restart warning messages, and added one for 1 minute till restart
  • Disabled randomization on all vehicles, this will prevent vehicles from spawning with 1 missing door, missing tailgate, etc.
  • Compressed all the new textures, mission size is back down to 22MB
  • Clothing shop bug to refill mags fixed
  • Load percentage is shown and can no longer fire your weapon when loading the custom map data
  • Bloodbags implemented, can be purchased at rebel outposts, rescue buildings and are available to APD officers.
  • Red zone bubbles added to cartels
  • Fixed and improved impound yard locations and added one to sofia
  • Added clinic and dmv to the airport
  • Added medical assistance to more rebel and cop npc's
  • Gun and clothing decorations appear on tables again
  • Fixed drug dealer and clinic npc at neochori
  • Basic standing animations added to processing npc's
  • Player data auto syncs better now.
  • There is now a 400 character limit for text messages
  • New experimental optimization added in Y menu settings, could increase fps after long uptime.
  • First public build of the Event Center. Currently, only Capture the Flag stands. (by djwolf) 
    • The game will time out after 10 minutes
    • Picking up the flag at the middle of the arena and taking it back to the tablet on your side will grant you a capture.
    • 3 captures will make a win
    • The flag spawns in the middle
    • You can vote surrender via the tablet at your side if you're feeling overwhelmed
  • New death / revive system implemented 
    • Hopefully can longer save any gear if you alt-f4 while dead
    • Medics are notified when a player who was awaiting revive has respawned
    • You bleed out around 20 minutes, you no longer need to request a medic.
    • When you respawn, you instantly get pushed to the spawn selection menu
    • If you hold down space bar for 5 seconds, you will respawn. This is available immediately following your death.
    • Medics now use space bar to revive instead of windows key
    • When a player dies all medics receive a message stating the persons name, their side (cop, medic, civ), and their approximate location (guy died east of kavala)
    • In case medics didn't know, all dead players show on the map automatically. No revive request is needed to revive players.
    • Medics should now receive money for revives, and people who are revived pay the cost.





Recommended Comments

On Medic, the Uniforms do not save, and f you buy a heli in kavala Hospital   it will spawn in Athira  hospital!  when round ages looking for my orca that i bought in Kavala. 


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27 minutes ago, Wftmguy said:

On Medic, the Uniforms do not save, and f you buy a heli in kavala Hospital   it will spawn in Athira  hospital!  when round ages looking for my orca that i bought in Kavala. 


ya oops thats only bugged when you buy it but the normal pull out garage works fine.

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I think the cartels shouldn't have bubbles around them. If you are showing up with a weapon you know what you are doing there, also they could just be sitting outside the bubble and get popped and cry about rdm.

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1. sometimes you cant put your hands down.( can put hands up while reviveing then cant put them down )

2. if a player requests medic and a medic leaves and joins medic cant see the request(s)

3. putting your uniform in a vehicle and putting i back on makes it look green. currently for S&R

4. re-log/re-spawning/ makes you loose inv and uniform/ medics dont need bloodbags/reduce the tow hooks to 2 instead of 4

5. no revive animation for revives.

6. lights and sirens sometimes turn off

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Just a heads up , when a player gets killed and is in his downed state he can get in cars / helis. Also if you kill them on the cartel it stays contested.

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  • Admin

The event is taking weapons away as well. Also, people are getting more and more stuck with their hands up than before. Some people after getting revived come back with their previous load out. 

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Soooo.... you don't need to request to get revived.. lol I predict APD abuse.. "Revive this person, revive this person"   Ouchies :-\


Very good update though, good work devs ^_^ Lots of updates

Edited by WOOGOT
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I might make a poll about this, but the new dying and revive system is a step backwards. It's first-person, so you can just lie there to look around and tell your friends where the bad guys are, there isn't a timer, it only tells you the nearest medic and how many are on (no distance), you can't type in any chat, and you can't tell if a medic's reviving you or not since there isn't an animation. The old system was fine and we ought to go back to it; it wasn't broken, so it shouldn't have been fixed. 

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Sorry if I regurgitate any information already said so far, however I TL;DR. Anyways, as most people can agree, the revive system is terrible for three reasons: 1st: If you die, you can't use any chat whatsoever, so you can't tell medic or ask medic any questions which is a serious disadvantage. 2nd: If you die at cartels, you can stay alive there for 20 minutes, preventing any people from capping it. 3rd: As Fat Clemenza said, you can easily look around and ghost anything to gang members. And not to mention all of the glitches involved with this, such as medics being able to revive people by just being in a remote area from the body. [END] The new group creator is great, I love the password thing, now you dont have to unlock and lock a group every time someone wants to join. I am probably forgetting to mention a couple things however I will just post another reply if necessary. 

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