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Roundtable Summary 2020-06-14



Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement.


  • Remove red triangle around explosive charges and IEDs (both small and large). @duanty_lake_23
    • Make red triangle only visible for gang members and players that have a mine detector. The Mine Detector is already available in the rebel shop, but has no real use as of now. This will make explosives more effective. Especially for ambushing enemy gangs or APD.


  • Killstreak at conquest boost war points for a kill @Truthy @Jig
  • Stats to record shot 1km on your profile and add titles in game for 5+ @Jig


  • Add notifications for when you unlock a new Title (Says name and requirement for said title) @TheHeroNoob

  • Add ATMS to airports so you can store money from DP missions @TheHeroNoob


  • Move store arrests option in scroll wheel to the bottom of the option menu @haleychu

    • People don't want to accidentally store all of their arrest


  • Bait appliance for civs
    • Ability to shut off engine
    • Ability to lock player inside
    • Has an enhanced GPS Tracker on it
    • 250k
    • 3m timer until it unlocks
    • Scroll wheel to activate locking/killing engine
    • gps jammer blocks the ability to use it

APD Roundtable


  • Reduce bank defuse time by 50%

Staff RoundTable

  • Add a "Refill Ammo" button to the event menu so Staff can re arm event participants armed vehicles like Pawnees and jets.
  • "Pickup all" button on briefcases to pick up all y items on the ground rather than having to manually click each item one by one.
  • Conquest player stats - Zahzi
    • Kills/deaths, caps taken

You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:


Recommended Comments

1 minute ago, DubbedSoap said:

lets make bank bags based on # and rank of APD online. 50-150 bags depending who is on.

bank's should only spawn between 50-75 bags if you have 5+ lethals on you get 75 it is incredibly easy to hold the bank

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2 hours ago, Bloodmoon said:

How have you guys not gotten runs buffed yet?

Bloke you spent your whole time on the council needing runs to spite tree I don't want to hear it.


26 minutes ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:


That's your job mate maybe bring up more then one thing in the roundtable 

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Stats to record shot 1km on your profile and add titles in game for 5+

YES SIRR thank you jig

but will this account for previous 1km shots already or will everyone start from 0?

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So the only real risk to doing plane dp missions is your equipment? Shouldn't getting to an ATM after a run and trying not to get robbed be part of the run? 

Or am I miss understanding that? 

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