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Conquest Changelog - 2021-12-22




  • Textures from mid December Altis Life update
  • Missing gang textures
  • SWAT NPCs to Tanoa hub



  • Smoke changes based on poll results
    • Names are slightly more visible and visible from slightly further away (~2-3m change)
    • Fog is 25% less thick
  • Players whitelisted as SWAT can login regardless of cop whitelist
  • Map markers for group members
  • 3 point zones now have a 3000 point max again



  • SWAT login hanging due to nitro on live servers
  • Gang homicide charge being added as "unlawful taser usage"
  • SWAT can now spawn at the hub during an active conquest
  • Mk200 warpoint value not corresponding to cash cost of 210k (10 wp -> 14 wp)
  • Pure heroin and smoke blur persisting through death
  • Vehicle spawn on Sugarville (Tanoa)



  • Air garage at hub on Malden
  • Combat timers while in rebels



Hotfix #1

  • Fix smoke scripts failing for some players
  • Sarahni
    • Move South Shore Bravo
    • Move Ortego Corazol Bravo
  • Tanoa fixes


If you'd like to skip waiting for the mission to download in game, you can follow manual download instructions here.

If you find any issues please submit a bug report.


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