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Conquest Changelog - 2022-04-15




  • Boonie hats to SWAT clothing shop
  • Deck crew vest to warpoint shop for 1wp
  • Map
    • Stratis
      • Added "Airbase Holdout" sector
      • Bottom rebel spawn for Kamino Klash and Airstation Mike-26 will spawn players on the side facing the zone with the car pull
    • Tanoa
    • Altis
    • Sarahni


  • Reduced T4 vest from 7wp -> 5wp
  • Conquest capture HUD shows different icon when hotzone is active
  • Conquest capture HUD uses green for friendly instead of blue
  • Remaining Altis 3 point sectors to 4 point sectors
  • Slight increase to 5.56/5.8/6.5 suppressor prices
    • 5.56 Suppressors 45WP -> 50WP
    • 5.8 Suppressors 55WP -> 65WP
    • 6.5 Suppressors 70WP -> 80WP
  • Reduced chance for a 6.5 Suppressor to spawn in an Airdrop from 25% -> 10%


  • Conquest HUD no longer sticks between sectors
  • Vehicle airdrop vehicles should no longer be broken
  • Missing gang texture error popup
  • Map
    • Rebel orders fixed for
      • Altis Nifi
      • Chernarus Berenhino Bloodbath,
      • Malden La Trinte


  • Killstreak for players utilizing suppressors
  • 7.62 Suppressors from Airdrops
  • Like 9
  • BlessUp 1
  • Downvote 1


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  • Admin
On 4/16/2022 at 1:57 PM, proud said:

respectfully, why are tazers still in conquest if their sole purpose on conquest is for a ghillie kid to lay in a bush?

0 clue

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