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Conquest Changelog - 2022-03-25





  • All civ names are now red regardless of war status
    • SWAT see all civilians as Orange
  • SWAT now see green names for other SWAT members
  • Increased SWAT capture rewards from 100 -> 150k
  • Additional SWAT capture rewards for hotzones of 300k
  • Suppressor pricing changes
    • 5.56: 30 -> 45
    • 5.8: 35 -> 55
    • 6.5: 40 -> 70
  • Blood bagging to heal now removes pure heroin effect similar to FAKs
  • Loading background @ Peterr
  • Many buildings on caps can no longer blow up
  • Map @ Masoooooooooon
    • Chernarus Winter
    • Malden
      • Chapo
        • Echo moved closer to other points
        • Northern rebel moved closer to points
    • Altis
      • Warzone reworked
      • Syrta
        • Rebel moved to a centralised location
      • Panagia
        • Rebel moved to a centralised location
        • External buildings added to Delta
      • Nifi
        • Added 4th capture point
        • Added 2nd rebel
    • Tanoa
      • Fixed some items being placed wrong in Megaquest
      • Made obstacle course slightly easier on one part.
      • La Rochelle
        • Removed a tree which sometimes fell on top of Alpha Cap making the flag hard to capture
      • Madman's Mixer
        • Charlie reworked - flag moved slightly
    • Kujari
      • Updated conquest hub layout
      • Afofo
        • Echo moved
        • South rebel added
      • Ari
        • Right side rebel moved to southside of zone
      • Kawiya
        • New rebel made (previously shared a rebel with Ari)
    • Takistan
      • Hells Highway
        • Alpha slight changes to remove some buildings
        • Bravo reworked and flag moved slightly.
        • Right side Rebel moved further back from points


  • SWAT kills no longer count as cop lethals
  • SWAT will no longer receive money / clear bounties between conquests
  • SWAT kills now count towards killstreaks
  • SWAT kills now count towards conquest K/D
  • Cop time no longer increments while playing SWAT, only counts only as SWAT playtime; duplicate time removed
  • Storing vehicles at Conquest Rebels
  • Vehicles at Rebel on Malden should no longer blow up in invisible buildings
  • South Stratis rebel should no longer occasionally eat Ifrits
  • Players no longer take increased burn damage
  • Jump script screen tear
  • Altis, Winter Chernarus, Takistan & Chernarus 2035 voting images
  • Founder circle hex icons
  • Respawn timer no longer resets on softlog


  • White Abibas Tracksuit
  • Yellow Abibas Tracksuit
  • Battleye Uniform
  • Bounty accumulation
  • Non-tracer LMG mags
  • Food & water drain


Recommended Comments

25 minutes ago, Strafe said:

556 supps still 45 wps just wait

most changes were well overdue tho good shit guys

No more non-tracer LMG mags. People actually have to aim and not just hold left click for 100 shots with no way of being found. Plus with most people having granits have fun trying to roach with 5.56.

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7 minutes ago, hawkg said:

Whats invasion supposed to be? Been hearing people talk abt it.

capture points rotate after certain amount of time all around the zone

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  • Moderator
1 hour ago, proud said:

invasion said to come months ago

looks like we wait yet another month

Death of all other s3 conquest servers, fun game mode but hopefully it won’t kill our server like the rest.

  • BlessUp 2
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