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Altis Life Update - 2022-2-23 - February Hotfix Update




  • Added medic roadkits to Corporal+
    • Added spotlight object for greater roleplay 
  • Textures
    • APD Black Orca Skin for Sgt+


  • Items like GPS & Map will automatically be equipped when pulled from a house inventory 
  • Deputies and POs automatically gain access to lethals while within the airdrop zones similar to warzone lethals
    • If the Deputy/PO leaves the area or the airdrop ends, lethals are automatically removed after 5 minutes
  • APD POs can now call in an airdrop using the "Request Airdrop" feature at HQs
  • Tweaked the bright night feature to occur and end sooner
  • Increased the seize reward radius of seizing airdrops and BW/Airdrop vehicles to 1Km
  • Lowered Orca to corporals for use at federal events and specific other events
  • Replaced in-game Deputy Chief Icon
  • Decreased the intensity of visual effects of painkillers
  • Outer Blackwater walls can now be knocked down


  • Death screen forcing a respawn when revived with dispute menu open
  • Performance issues with NPCs 
  • Civilians not able to unrestrain each other from zipties without lockpicks or boltcutters 
  • Medic's own revive request not disappearing after the Medic is revived 
  • Medic Huron missing lights/sirens 
  • Health bar flickering when taking damage
  • SAPD not being able to authorize lethals
  • APD not being able to seize the airdrop Qilin 
  • Not being able to claim any vehicles from airdrop or chop shop
  • Not being able to add gang vehicles 
  • Issues with the tutorial vehicle 
  • Vehicle airdrop not displaying unavailable message
  • Civilian custom groups having issues and decreasing network performance 
  • APD Escort checkpoints
  • Jaggy flicker when jumping
  • Not being able to sit on some map seats


  • Nothing


Recommended Comments

  • Senior Developer
48 minutes ago, anti said:
  • Items like GPS & Map will automatically be equipped when pulled from a house inventory 

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FUCK YEAH FINALLY!    Rangefinders too?

Look what happens when ya put in bug reports!

RE: rangefinders - Uhhh no I didn't know rangefinders were fucked as well. put another bug report in and I'll remember to do it.

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  • SAPD not being able to authorize lethals

Does this also include corps authing lethals? While they don't need to do airdrops anymore they still need to do escorts

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