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Conquest Changelog - 2022-05-14





  • SWAT whitelists no longer require players to maintain cop whitelists on server 1, most players will still need to acquire the rank of deputy before submitting a SWAT application, but exceptions can be made for players with significant conquest experience and good disciplinary record.
  • Map Changes
    • Kujari
      • Fixed some service stations
      • Fixed some walls being misplaced
      • Moved rebel back to left side of zone for Kawiya
    • Tanoa
      • Fixed Safe redeploy sign for lower rebel at Bua Bua
    • Stratis
      • Fixed "Airbase Holdout" zone
      • Fixed lower rebel car spawns 
      • Added safe redeploy sign to secondary lower rebel spawn
    • Sahrani
      • Fixed car spawn on Alpha cap for " City Of Paraiso " Along with fixing the church overlooking the cap being able to see through smoke
    • Cherno Winter
      • Fixed some woodpiles being stuck in the wall or lower warehouse point
  • Explosive Price Increases
    • Grenades increased from $50k -> $65k
    • Satchels increased by 50%
      • Large IED 450k -> $675k
      • Small IED $250k -> $375k 
      • Explosive Charge $190k -> $285k


  • SWAT kills not logging
  • Using a FAK+ on another player using the wrong animation
  • Epi-Pen jump animation cancel
  • Ifrits spawning in without smoke or incorrect smoke count
  • Vehicles spawning inside other vehicles


  • Stamina; players no longer experience Fatigue


Hotfix-ish (2022-05-20)

  • Changes based on feedback to Bozcaada
  • Changes based on feedback to Malden Islands
  • Change SWAT payouts to pay everyone instead of only players within 2km 
  • Added new zone to Bozcaada ( Tuzburnu Feneri )


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