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Conquest Changelog - 2024-2-2 - February Update




updater logo.webp


  • Ability to have Caps permanently show without additional Tilde UI
    • Toggled in the settings menu
  • Additional kill notifications
    • Players now receive special killstreak notifications based on their kill count with a special color
      • Dominating - 2
      • Rampage - 4
      • Onslaught - 6
      • Savage - 8
      • Relentless - 10
      • Brutal - 12
      • Ruthless - 14
      • Merciless - 16
      • Vicious - 18
      • Ferocious - 20
      • Monstrous - 22
      • Supreme -24
      • Invincible - 26
      • Unstoppable - 28
      • Legendary - 30
      • Godlike - 32
    • Each has its own special color
    • Additional randomized notification in kill messages
      • Ex: Killed X -> DEMOLISHED X
  • Ported
    • Custom Horns


  • Updated loading system and background
  • Deceased player hexes only display names when tilde names are shown
  • Qilin Minigun+ variants now have 1x 2000rnd 6.5mm magazine instead of 2x 1000rnd magazines
  • Reverted anti-lag spangle speed from 25km/h -> 35km/h
  • Promet SG pellet prices increased from $5k -> $35k
  • Shotgun pellets increased from $500 -> $5k
  • ASP WP price increased from 15WP -> 25WP
  • Updated SWAT shop prices to reflect Civilian counterparts
  • Updated SWAT ranks in group hex and above player to reflect current SWAT whitelist
  • Ruha Metsala zone
  • Ruha Megaquest location
  • Ruha castle cap


  • Automated point deletion now only takes into account the total civilian population instead of the server population
  • Vehicle skins
  • Kill notifications on SWAT members
  • Legacy kill notifications
  • Significant performance optimization on player kill
  • Performance of Compass
  • Qilin Minigun+ variant damage handling
  • Missing image for O+ APD Blue uniform
  • Deceased player hexes not using opacity and hex size set by the player
  • Deceased player hexes not having decreased opacity when the player is not near the dead body
  • Kujari client sided doors


  • Very low settings
  • Ability to set view distance sliders below 500m
  • Medic information and buttons from the death screen 


Recommended Comments

If anyone finds any conquest map discrepancies that alter gameplay feel free to shoot me a text on the forums or discord @polly6969 

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On 2/3/2024 at 3:33 AM, Polly said:

If anyone finds any conquest map discrepancies that alter gameplay feel free to shoot me a text on the forums or discord @polly6969 

nah man just throw some wood logs and a few houses on every cap. Maybe a big tower or two as well

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