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Altis & Tanoa Life update 9/22/2016



Comparability update for 1.64

-Gang rank permissions updated
    -Rank 1 - Regular Member
    -Rank 2 - Recruiter (Invite players)
    -Rank 3 - Super Recruiter? (Invite players and kick members)
    -Rank 4 - Senior member (Promote/demote members, invite/kick, access gang funds)
    -Rank 5 - Leader (all above permissions + disband / set new leader)
-Gathering exploit fixed
-House crate exploit(s) fixed
-Lockpick exploit fixed... probably

-Added the civilian basic tanoa clothing that was added in Apex to the basic spawn. Players can now spawn with the apex clothing or the shitty poloshirts.

-Chopshop exploit fixed

-Updated Tonoa sell prices and even the dialogs to display what the vehicle will sell for.


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9 hours ago, tkcjesse said:

Erm. Must use a different dialog menu maybe. I checked for land and air vehicles when testing. Not plane/boat. Thanks for the update!

Can you please pm me what the issue is. Thanks.

Can you pm me the issue please. Thanks.

Well the hellcat for search and rescue has no skin but on air responder it does and on apd the prowler dosent have lights :/

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