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Olympus - A new start & its future

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Whelp... did not expect this shit to happen today lmao

Anyways im gonna start this post off saying that I wish @Ares the best, and would like to thank him for keeping the community running after @Peter Long had to pass down the keys. Whether you like him or hate him he did keep this community going for the last few months so stop giving him shit for it <3

Now for the story...

For the last few weeks i've been discussing with Ares in regards to this prior to today, so to clear the air this has been in the air for a bit of time. Ares wanted to continue pursuing Olympus and its expansion, and wanted to be the one that started up FiveM and the rest of the good stuff we got planned. Unfortunately that idea got cut short due to all the shit hes been getting. He wasnt sure if his plans would succeed as well with what is currently going on so in the best interest of Olympus he decided that PASSING  down the keys would be the best choice to pursue the plans of the community.


The future of Olympus

Well first things first... Downvotes are back, yay! (Please mass downvote me) As for whats happening, @TheCmdrRex and I have decided to pursue this together. All of the decisions we make will be discussed together and starting from next month after server expenses all developers will be getting compensated appropriately based off of work that is done towards the change log. I have made an agreement with Rex to give him the ability to view what is coming in, and determine what is fair to be distributed between all of the developers this way we can start pushing changes faster and more efficiently. One worry @Ares had was that if I took over people would still believe I am trying to make some profit, and I can promise you that is NOT  the case. I do plan on using as much of whats left after expenses on investing more into the servers and its expansion. I do plan on continuing FiveM, as well as continuing some of the other projects I had in mind following its release. More shit coming soon, thanks for the support and o7 @Ares I appreciate the trust you had in me and Rex to let us take over. Time for a new beginning, lets have some fun boys :) 



Also @Jesse and @iPopsicle thanks for instigating lmao

@Fusah is literally awful 

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2 minutes ago, EvanFowler said:

If you down vote me your a gay boy

We got 3 gay boys already 

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