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Altis Life Development

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Chapter 5: Naming Policy 

  1. Do not use names that are associated with extremist groups
  2. Do not use vulgar, racist, sexist, ect type names
  3. Do not use a tag in your name that begins with [OS] as this is reserved for staff members only
  4. Do not use names such as Admin, Moderator, Administrator, ect
  5. Your name in game must be easily distinguishable from other names on the server. These names must be easily pronounced, use your common sense. Any names that do not fall within this rule will result in administrative punishment.
  6. Gang tags must relate to your gang name and must be distinguishable.



  • Blindfolds fixed
  • Fix so that Cop and Medic don't show on map when restrained
  • Change scroll wheel lethal toggle (cops only)
    • The option will be at the bottom of the list
    • Lowest priority for auto highlight
    • Text for lethals is red
    • Text for tasers is green
    • Icon will be displayed on screen when lethals are loaded
    • Added lethal toggle to use action 14
  • Fixed issue when epipen on restart and not getting dopamine. You won't be in that constant respawn loop anymore.
  • Fixed issue with double scroll menu options
  • Cops now get paid on lethal kill
    • Pardon is done on kill
  • Hemmt can now tow Prowlers, Quillins, and Jeeps
  • Coffee & Redgull will act the same as if you used the menu to use (didn't before - its an improvement)
    • Coffee price increased and effect duration now match redgull
    • The hotkey will now use coffee as well
      • Redgull will take priority and get used first
  • Jail Exploit Fixes
  • Gas Station Exploit Fixes
  • APD planes are now for corporals.
    • Racing plane added as well
  • Trump & Hillary T-Shirts available for purchase
  • Water Scooter available for purchase
  • Go-Kart vendor now available for your kart needs (He's at the go-kart track by the airfield)
  • Cop defuse message will now display properly
  • Taxi license dialog will now prompt players to pick to keep taxi license or to keep rebel/vigilante. Can no longer hold both at the same time.
  • ChopShop will now accept vehicles with dead bodies inside them.
  • Only the driver of APD vehicles can now turn on the lights
  • Hospital Healing will now allow you to heal above 99hp
  • Admins can now enter XYZ coordinates and teleport to that location. ex. [15000,10250.45,0]
  • Chat censorship fixed :Kappa:
  • Enjoy looking at the correct formatting of the date Americans ^_^

    • ChopShop/Seize Fixes
    • Cop House/Shed Search Fixes
    • Cop payout splitting adjustments
    • New pickup menu when picking up dropping inventory
    • Gas Station Rework
    • Blindfolds (Use interaction menu to add, can remove from yourself by accessing the I inventory when unrestrained) <---- This is currently not yet implemented.  An unforseen issue turned up after implementation.
    • When restrained you are removed from your group and re-added when un-restrained.
    • Cannot access map now while restrained.
    • Groups are locked by default
    • Donor/Med discounts apply on weapon ammo
    • Lockpick exploit fixes
    • Can now purchase 5th house when you own a gangshed
    • Spawning at gangshed should be more reliable now
    • Medics now have their very own map markers!
Peter Long

Gang Warehouse Update



General Stuff

  • Cops have the black ARCO added
  • SAPD Uniforms have been updated
  • NLR distance increased to 1,500m to limit spawns
  • New NLR monitor to warn players when they're potentially/most likely breaking NLR
    • Will report to admins...
  • Hospital Heal cost is now $1,000
  • Added some new optics/attachments/items to vigilante store
    • Added Spar Variant 5.56mm
    • Decreased Sting Price
  • Potential fix for correcting BW map marker when door is repaired
  • SHOULD not take damage while in jail
  • Vehicle Interaction Menu has been slightly resized.
  • Extra redgull/food/drink checks while restrained
  • Keychains/seizing/impounding will now display the vehicles Display name and not Arma Classname
  • New magazine refilling method to fix silent bullets
  • Get split pay when doing cop actions up to 150m radius
  • Cannot close out during combat/while being shot near/around/at.
  • Civilian motorboats can be purchased
    • New boats available for purchasing.
  • Player marker now faces right direction while passenger in vehicles
  • Cash & item pickup exploit fixed
  • Player tags more reliable.. shouldn't show players 8km out..
  • Corn, Lithium, Yeast, Sugar, Mushrooms now able to be sold
  • Cops can search vehicles at illegal gathering locations now and have a value returned... (heroin, frog, weed, phos, ephedra, cocaine)
  • New Sofia HQ & Blackwater Outpost for APD.
  • Anti-Ghosting Cartel/Black Market/Rebel feature added

Gang Shed Stuff

  • Can now lock/unlock all doors of the building using the shed menu (as well as using the 'u' key near the doors)
  • Gang Rank 4 & up can upgrade the buildings storage/crates (uses gang funds)
  • Gang Rank 3 & up can unlock crates/storage for all to use
  • Gang Rank 2 & up can access crates without them being unlocked
  • Gang Rank 2 & up can access storage without it being unlocked
  • Gang Rank 5 Required to purchase a building (20m from gang funds)
  • Gang sheds will delete crates & unlock in under 15 minutes if no gang members are on
    • Will re-lock and re-setup crates if a member joins.
  • First crate upgrade is 1m, 2nd is 2m, 3rd is 4m.
  • 9 storage upgrades to 10,000 storage space at 1.5m/each upgrade
  • 8 Members in gang required to purchase a shed


A huge shout-out to Jesse for the amount of work put into this update. Our Development team has put a lot of effort into this update, however Jesse is the MVP. 




Hotfix ~7AM est 12/2/2016

  • Looting other players backpack should be disabled again
  • When trying to access an inventory you're not allowed to, it should no longer break everything like y-menu and such.

Hotfix ~7AM est 12/3/2016

  • Vigilante arresting fixed, no longer splits/loses bounty
  • Cop arrest bounty splitting tweaked, % of bounty that gets split between nearby units changes depending on how many people are splitting it.
    • If the bounty is being split between 1 person (you), you get the same value you would have before this update (0.4 * bounty)
    • If it's being split between 2 players you still get (0.4 * bounty) each. So it's basically (0.8 * bounty / 2)
    • If it's being split between 3 or more players you get (1.0 * bounty / # of players)
  • Player stats tab added in y-menu
  • Tweaks to Sofia HQ
  • Slight optimization to dynamic loading of map object (more optimizations likely to come)
  • Some decorative items prevented from spawning to maximize server performance.
Peter Long

Time for a massive update ladies and gentleman. Listed below are some things that you will see released in this update:


Time for another massive objective for you nasty rebels to attack! Blackwater Weapons factory is the newest addition to our server. Much like a Jail or a Federal Reserve Robbery, the Blackwater Weapons factory will require all of your skills and tactics to successfully rob. If you can survive against the onslaught of the APD, and successfully defend your bomb plant for 25 minutes, you have an opportunity at getting some really nice gear. Rumor has it that you can even get some prototype gear, like the special carrier rigs, DMS scopes, and even and armed vehicle or 2. The more you rob, the more chances you have at getting great loot! However, let it be known that there is a minimum amount of APD that has to be on to rob the Factory, and 7 officers is nothing to bat an eyelash at.

Possible Weapons:

  • MK 1
  • MK 18
  • MK 200
  • Mar 10 (lethal version)
  • ..... and some hidden treats.....

Possible Weapon Attachments:

  • Assorted Gun Accessories beyond what is currently available to rebels and the APD
  • Bipods
  • DMS scope
  • Possible Vehicles


  • Armored Vehicles
  • Armed Vehicles



APD Changes:

  • Sgt vest update
  • Chief Helm addition
  • Paychecks revamped - You earn 2k more every 5 minutes when responding to a jail, federal reserve, or blackwater situation
  • New Charges
  • Killing APD members results in a larger bounty
  • Charge added for placing bomb on blackwater
  • Other charges added

Gang Tiers changed:

  • Rank 3 can no longer pull out gang funds
  • Rank 4+ can pull gang funds 


  • DP Missions FIXED (both Civ and Medic)
  • Hands up stuck glitch FIXED
  • Vigi arresting FIXED
  • House Trunk Sync Fix (maybe)
  • Anti Air Fixed
    • Now requires hacking terminal (purchasable at rebel) to hack
  • Robbing Gas Stations fixed

More Stuff!

  • Difficulty for the mission changed (the auto marking of units on your map will no longer happen) 
  • New Map marker Icon for yourself
  • Missing item icons added
  • VR Suits
  • Business Suits
  • Carrier Lite added to Rebel Shop
  • Tactical View Disabled
  • Side Chat disabled if you are dead


and more!!!!!


Update will be released within 24 Hours!


Comparability update for 1.64

-Gang rank permissions updated
    -Rank 1 - Regular Member
    -Rank 2 - Recruiter (Invite players)
    -Rank 3 - Super Recruiter? (Invite players and kick members)
    -Rank 4 - Senior member (Promote/demote members, invite/kick, access gang funds)
    -Rank 5 - Leader (all above permissions + disband / set new leader)
-Gathering exploit fixed
-House crate exploit(s) fixed
-Lockpick exploit fixed... probably

-Added the civilian basic tanoa clothing that was added in Apex to the basic spawn. Players can now spawn with the apex clothing or the shitty poloshirts.

-Chopshop exploit fixed

-Updated Tonoa sell prices and even the dialogs to display what the vehicle will sell for.


-Greasy cord exploit with trunks fixed
-All houses have their data synced right before restart to ensure data is saved properly
-Exploit fixed with atm transfers
-Epi pen timer increased from 5 minutes to 7
-Medics and APD should now be able to use epi pens now.
-Civs without vigi licenses can no longer use shift-r to restrain downed players
-APD textures updated
-Orcas available to Corps
-Type 115 for Corps
-CMR-76 for Corps
-Proper APD vest for deputies
-Sgt helmet now available to Sgts
-Invisible admins should no logner be able to be key-chained
-Player position syncing happens more frequently
-Experimental optimization disabled by default as some users beleive it caused issues (should fix sound bug with helis)
-Legacy discounts for weaponshop implemented
-All text message types logged
-Epi pen usage logged
-Tazer bug with cops should be fixed, or at least 999x better.
-AK 12 price increased
-Spar 17 Price reduced
-Redgulls should be able to be spammed now without drainng thirst too much. If you take a redgull before it wears off it will extend the time, you only lose thirst when the effect wears off completely.
-Prices for csat clothing has been increased, as well as some other high armor items.
-Another check added to prevent spamming lockpicks

-Paychecks on Tanoa are doubled temporarily

-Tanoa map changes
    - Added more rebel outposts
    - Added 2 chops shops
    - Added turtle dealer
    - Added weed and mushroom cartel
    - Added black markets
    - Yeast field and moonshine distributor adjusted
    - Moved katkoula drug dealer because it was a buyable house
-Altis map changes
    - Overhauled Jail
    - Pyrgos Rescue
    - Sofia Rescue
    - Mount Olympus
    - Parachute shop near Mount Olympus
    - Fixed Boat shop south of Kavala
    - Added Airplane NPCS on Altis
    - Vigi Shops overhauled



-Jail doors fixed on Altis
-Redgulls adjusted
-Orcas fixed for corps


Tanoa & Altis changes

  • New chat channel added for medics/cops to directly communicate with each other
  • Mk-1s added to rebel shops
  • 250$ increase to paycheck
  • Large storage containers available for all
  • Suicide vests should work properly under most circumstances now
  • Compatibility added for Arma update 1.62



  • Strider skin for R&R fixed


Apex vehicles and weapons will be added to Altis Life later this week. If you're impatient you can try them out on our Tanoa server.


Tanoa life released!

Tanoa life is fully functional with lots of cool new stuff from the Arma 3 Apex Expansion.
Everything except for gear/position/vehicles transfer between altis and tanoa.


-All new police textures (TPD)
-New camo variants for ifrit and a few other vehicles added
-Vehicles added
    -Civ plane
    -Civ RHIB (boat)
    -Civ Blackfish (vehicle carrier)
    -Civ Blackfish (infantry carrier)
    -Civ Jeep
    -Rebel Qili Unarmed
    -Rebel Prowler Unarmed
    -TPD Jeep
    -TPD Prowler
    -TPD Plane (PO+)
   -and more stuff
-New weapons added
    -Civ Mp5 thingy
    -Civ 9mm pistol
    -TPD deputies now get Stings
    -tons of stuff that I don't feel like listing right now xd

-New gear added
    -The gigantic backpack, allows for 120 virtual capacity.
    -Various rebel outfits
    -Various civ outfits
    -Various helmets

-New resources only available on Tanoa
    -Topaz Cut
    -Processed Banana
    -Processed Cocoa
    -Banana splits (combine banana, cocoa, sugar - its like a legal moonshine type of thing)
    -Processed sugar
-Structures and objects (walls/trees/etc) auto-repair every x minutes in spawn cities, keeps the cities looking noice
-Sexy bridge added to connect the main island to a nearby island.

-Altis & Tanoa ------------

-Epi-Pens added
    -You can use an epi-pen on any dead player
    -Once revived via an epi pen that player has 5 minutes to get to a hospital or medic to receive dopamine. This is free from a medic, 15k from hospital.
    -If you die before getting to a medic/hospital you cannot be epi-pen'ed again, you may only request a medic or respawn.
    -Epi pens only available at hopsital at the moment, maybe black markerts in the future.
    -You cannot epi-pen players of other factions, so civ->civ only, apd->apd only.
-Gathering remake (WIP - not all resources support new system)
    -New gathering system is more interactive
    -You must be looking at an object, press windows key, and you will get a limited amount of resources from that object
    -Once object is depleted it falls over/collapses, or dissapears. Respawns after a few minutes.
    -Gathering rate slightly increased
-PlayerTag System Overhaul
    -New render method, names/gangs/other stuff appear centered over the player, different font
    -Icons appear above all text
    -Same/Possibly better performance as old system
    -If you're wearing a ghillie suit while prone, players farther than 3 meters see your nametag as very transparent. If crouching it will be transparent, but not as much as prone.
    -Spotting player units on foot range increased from 75m to 100m

-Dynamic map system
    -Reduces the number of active map objets (stuff we placed, not bohemia) by over 50%, increasing performance.
-NLR timer on respawn menu updated to 15 minutes, and an info box is next to the spawn button to explain NLR
-Medics can now see how long it's been since a person requested revive on the map
-New cop light system
-Most signs now load from a farther distance
-Randomized police spawns in HQ's
-Medic towing fixed
-Cash is now prioritized over bank. If you have enough cash on you for a purchase it will use that instead of atm money.
-No/reduced fog feature added. If fog gets too heavy the server will clear the fog.
-Fixed error message on spawn selection screen
-Bug which prevented players from placing storage crates after buying a house or not being able to place max crates fixed
-Weapon shop remade, completely new UI.
-Weapon shops now support refilling mags
-Vehicle doors no longer open/close when unlocked/locked
-Potential fix to prevent respawn screen from bugging out if you die while in a menu.
-Removed the extra side chat and command channel
-Group chat voice is disabled when spawning in
-Vehicles in your garage are sorted by name
-Players can own a maximum of 50 vehicles
-You can now view all your licenses by scrolling

-Auction house is super super close to being done, supports auctioning your house/vehicles/weapons/virtual items/etc. Fancy ui and all. It'll likely be in next update.


This update is primarily fixes/patches. From long existing well know exploits, to random stuff that broke in the last update.



  • Market now fits into the Y-menu and looks better
  • Give money added to Y menu

Exploit Fixes

  • Disabled vaulting while restrained if you have the 'diary' open (pressing J)
  • Players no longer drop their weapons when they die
  • Pulling dead players out of vehicles no longer drops their weapon nearby
  • Disabled Arma 3 Cheat menu which was being used for combat logging/exploiting, dafuk bohemia.
  • Only one person can access any inventory at a time now, this applies to vehicles, stuff on ground, house crates, pretty much every inventory you can think of
  • Fixed dupe where 2 players could pick up the same backpack off the ground.
  • Fixed possible exploit with alt-f4ing after getting robbed
  • Fixed issue which allowed players to use Tactical View while doing certain actions
  • Fixed issue where cops could open player interaction menu from any distance with windows key
  • Fixed possible dupe with house virtual trunk
  • Other fixes as well
  • If you know of more exploits not already patched let us know with a bug report ticket in the support tab, if the exploit is big enough we may provide you with legacy perks or somethin'

Other Fixes

  • Intro shows again
  • Water/food/backpack space fixed
  • Fixed issue where textures were not applied to vehicles when joining server
  • Possible fix for cops not getting money for lethals
  • Possible fix for bloodbag exiting early even when you don't move
  • Titans should no longer repair land vehicles
  • Armed offroads should no longer be red
  • Fixed issue with cellphone displaying Any in message area
  • Fixed issue with DP missions
  • Uniform textures may show more reliably now

Updated mission for compatibility with Arma 1.58

  • Trunks should be visible for users with house keys where the owner of the house has not logged on yet
  • Fixed an exploit with clothing shops allowing you to get free gear
  • PlayerTags optimized
  • Server restart messages should properly display now

Note this is not all the features we've been working on, another update will come shortly.


Update is coming out sometime later today, at that time all servers will go down for maintenance for ~30 mins.


  • Added persistent house key system
    •  You can give out permanent property keys by using the property menu with a player nearby
    •  You can 'change the locks' of a property to clear the list of people who have a key
    •  People with a key cannot spawn at the property
    •  Crates can only be accessed if the house owner is online
    •  Anyone with a key can unlock, access trunk, spawn vehicles, turn on the light, etc.
  • Medic DP missions fixed, they can deliver to highway patrol and receive missions form all APD delivery places
  • Medics receive an extra 7,500 for revives, this does not increase the cose of being revived.
  • Cops receive a maximum of 200k for lethaling players, instead of the previous 25k
  • Phone menu overhauled
    • Fits nicely into the Y-Menu
    • If you click on a message, and then click reply, it will take you directly to the UI to send that person a message back.
    • Added a services menu
    • Made the New Message pop-ups a little more custom to Olympus
  • All Big towers have been removed
  • Black market vendors added
  • When a vehicle is pulled from garage it is locked sooner than it previously was
  • Modified vehicle spawn code for persistent vehicles. Helicopters may spawn sideways less
  • Stamina on the hud replaced with virtual carrying weight
  • Medic vehicles can no longer be lockpicked
  • Added a hotkey for opening the virtual inventory. Press 3 to open the virtual inventory.
  • Intro Credits updated to include new Admins, Moderators, and our twitter page
  • Added 30 extra Civ slots
  • Added restricted air zones to jail and fed
    • Helicopters flying near these zones will be warned
    • If you fly too close you will hear a lock on sound for 10 seconds, if you do not fly far enough away a missile with fire at you
    • The missile sites can be hacked and disabled
    • Cops can repair the missile sites
  • Re-made player tags a bit, custom 'tilde' functionality added. Placing your cursor over a player will display their player tags beyond the 17m normal limit. Tilde only works up to 75m away for people on foot, 200m for land vehicles, 400 for helis, etc.
  • GA vests added
  • $1000 increase to paycheck
  • Check license should now be fixed
  • Oil rig added by @ToeKnee
  • Capture the flag fixes
  • Copper weight fixed, it's no longer 1-1
  • Fixed house cleanup, properties which have not been used in 60 days go back up for sale.
  • Sand bags at jail fixed, they're properly aligned to ground now


  • Player tag fixes
    • Fixed issue where emblems would show on civilians or wrong units
    • Increased size of player tags for targets spotted with 'tilde'
    • Adjusted colors of player tags for cops/medics
    • Semi-Fixed issues where duplicate player tags would be shown for vehicles/players
  • Updated white-listed slots to fix the issue preventing login if someone was in the first slot.
  • We're now introducing Altis Highway Patrol (AHP).
    • Several new variants of highway patrol textures have been added including a new uniform.
  • R&R Quad Bikes and R&R Boats now have lights and sirens.
  • Admins should now accidentally teleport a lot less.
  • More Capture the Flag changes have been made that should hopefully result in fixes for some major issues with it.
  • Deputy Chiefs of Police and above now have access to the MX-SW.
  • Sergeants and above now have access to the Vigilante vest.
  • R&R vehicles with the red theme now have the same style of lighting as the ambulance.
  • A server hop / role switch cool-down has been added.
    • You must now wait 5 minutes from the log off point to be able to switch roles and/or servers.
  • Medics can now enter any vehicle to remove dead bodies.
  • Any vehicle that supports animating doors, now opens when the vehicle is unlocked, and closes when locked.
  • The Altis Market has been buffed.
  • A new turtle dealer has been placed south of Kavala.
  • Changes have been made to Pyrgos checkpoint.
  • Kavala rebel boat shop has been fixed.
  • Rebel outpost's towers can now take damage from explosive charges.
  • More light added to APD's HQs.
  • As a thank you to the community for helping us reach our donation goal, Hatchback Sports and Mohawk Helicopters have been unlocked for everyone.

This is mostly an optimizations update, coming out next restart. ~6PM est.


  • Fixed issue which would prevent players from spamming certain Arma actions like changing firing mode.
  • Nerfed color some more
  • Persistent vehicle system should now be reliable
  • Support for offloading some of the most resource intensive server side functions to a headless client
  • All data syncing offloaded to headless client
  • Conversion from some scripted functions to engine functions on both server and client

We'll be trying to offload as much as possible to a headless client so that the server itself does less, which may reduce de-sync and provide better server performance overall. Server performance as of right now is fine with 100 players, better than what it was with 80 with previous versions. The issue now is some de-sync, which we're working on now.



  • Vehicle Persistence through restarts
    • A maximum of 1 vehicle per player will stay through restart. If you own 2 vehicles within 150m of your position on restart, only 1 will persist through restart.
    • The owner of the vehicle must be online when the server restarts and within 150m of the vehicle for it to save
    • The vehicles trunk will save through restart (only through restart, does not save if stored in garage)
    • On server restart the saved vehicles spawn in where they were left right before restart
    • If the owner of a persistent vehicle does not log on within 15 minutes the vehicle will despawn and go back to garage. Unless someone has gotten into the vehicle after it spawned.
  • Map Markers
    • You can no longer make map marker > 64 characters
    • All map markers will have the persons name who made them in front of them.
    • Certain words are filtered from map markers
    • You can only place up to 10 map markers a minute
  • Modified the anti VON in side chat script
  • Side chat filter/spam prevention
  • LOTS more logging
  • Modified the color overlay, should be much better now.
  • NLR spawn prevention bugfix and radius reduced to 500m
  • Surrender fixed, for realzies this time
  • MOAR SERVER LOGS, like, a redonk amount


NOTE: Theres a slight chance, like 1/100, that you'll crash on join. This issue will be fixed next update.


The biggest change in this update is the new restart system. Theirs no need to disconnect before a restart, as your player data will automatically sync right before restart. Also soft restarts have been implemented, so instead of getting kicked from the server, you will instead be sent to lobby.



  • Full moon at nights, this means on normal nights without cloud cover it won't be pitch black: http://imgur.com/a/BkYrL
  • Post processing color effects, they change depending on the time of day so nights wont be super dark: http://imgur.com/a/VlV8m (top is current, bottom is new)
  • New server restart system. The server now has 3 different restart types. The restart notifications will tell you which type of restart is coming.
    • Soft, which will send all players to lobby and it then reloads the mission (its like a hard restart, but you won't be forced to reconnect).
    • Hard restart, just like our current ones but slightly better, shuts down the arma server and you will need to reconnect.
    • Hard restart /w update. It will hard reboot so that an update can be rolled out, the restart notifications will notify players an update is coming out.
    • Every 3rd restart is a hard reboot. So in theory only 2 hard reboots a day unless we roll out an update or decided to do one for some other reason.
    • Admins can reduce the server time in case early-restarts are needed. This means in case of early restarts you'll get regular restart notifications.
  • All players will have their data automatically synced right before restart. You shouldn't have to worry about disconnecting in advance.
  • More surrender fixes, like, seriously.
  • Vehicle collision damage reduced a tiny bit
  • Added a check to prevent people from holding down a key and spam unlock/lock their vehicles. Applies to most keys. Holding them down wont spam their functions as they have a 0.4 second cool-down
  • Disabled NLR timer for news team
  • Fixed issue which prevented APD from buying Striders
  • Added some checks to prevent players from logging on to the jail island, they will instead log on near it. This is to prevent meta gaming/ server hopping to jail breaks.
  • Map updates/fixes
    • Apd HQ's have more light probably
    • Some other stuff fixed
    • Some stuff added
    • Idk ask Toe Knee :P

Coming next restart.

Hotfix for surrendering issue where you can't put your hands down. I ACTUALLY TESTED IT THIS TIME...

Other small changes:



This update contains a fix for something that was causing major server performance issues.


  • Intro music is quieter
  • Fixed issues with syncing data while in events
  • Cleaned up some code
  • Updated SpyGlass, no more kicks for false no recoil detection
  • Cop lights are less-seizure inducing. Before it would go red, all off, blue. Now it goes from red immediately to blue without shutting off all lights. It's better, trust me...
  • Cop and medic lights optimized a bit.
  • Server cleanup of vehicles, and some objects is now more frequent.
  • Vehicle collision damage increased slightly, they were too stronk before
  • Moar logs.
  • R&R quad bike
  • NLR feature which prevents you from spawning near where you died. Currently the timer is only 90 seconds, but will be adjusted based on feedback.
  • Surrender tweaked, hopefully fixes the issues with not being able to put hands down.
  • Other stuff, probably.

This update is mainly fixes for issues from the previous updates.

  • Revive system reverted to old one temporarily, this will fix a lot of issues including yinventory ones for cops
  • Removed trees and presents
  • Tweaks/fixes for CTF
  • Siren/light issues should be resolved
  • Intro music plays for a shorter duration
  • Hotfix #1

    • Fixed cops randomly losing there vests
    • Fixed manslaughter charges not being added upon killing a player
    • Capture the flag tweaks and fixes
    • Reduced intro music length

Altis Life Christmas Update

  • When creating a group you can now set a password that people can use to join while locked.
  • News team slots re-added
  • Presents added under the trees in all major cities, open them to receive a gift (have you been naughty this year....?) 
  • More potential fixes for the revive system, dropping backpacks, stuff
  • Kavala hospital re-decorated by Muthinator
  • Fixed flags not moving
  • Start time changed from noon to 6am so the first day cycle is longer
  • Medic DP missions fixed
  • Modifications made to R&R textures and clothing shop structure.
  • The Face Mask Helmet is now in place for higher R&R members.
  • Paramedics now have access to the Repair Offroad
  • Search and Rescue now have access to the Orca helicopter to make approaching red zones safer
  • Hemtt Fuel is now available to Air Responder
  • The EMT Uniform is now in place for EMTs
  • The G key (horn) feature now works properly for R&R.
  • The SUV and the Hatchback (Sport) now play the same sound APD vehicles play.
  • A random Arma 3 sound track plays while you're loading into the server (music needs to be enabled)
  • Surrender optimizations 
  • Updated restart warning messages, and added one for 1 minute till restart
  • Disabled randomization on all vehicles, this will prevent vehicles from spawning with 1 missing door, missing tailgate, etc.
  • Compressed all the new textures, mission size is back down to 22MB
  • Clothing shop bug to refill mags fixed
  • Load percentage is shown and can no longer fire your weapon when loading the custom map data
  • Bloodbags implemented, can be purchased at rebel outposts, rescue buildings and are available to APD officers.
  • Red zone bubbles added to cartels
  • Fixed and improved impound yard locations and added one to sofia
  • Added clinic and dmv to the airport
  • Added medical assistance to more rebel and cop npc's
  • Gun and clothing decorations appear on tables again
  • Fixed drug dealer and clinic npc at neochori
  • Basic standing animations added to processing npc's
  • Player data auto syncs better now.
  • There is now a 400 character limit for text messages
  • New experimental optimization added in Y menu settings, could increase fps after long uptime.
  • First public build of the Event Center. Currently, only Capture the Flag stands. (by djwolf) 
    • The game will time out after 10 minutes
    • Picking up the flag at the middle of the arena and taking it back to the tablet on your side will grant you a capture.
    • 3 captures will make a win
    • The flag spawns in the middle
    • You can vote surrender via the tablet at your side if you're feeling overwhelmed
  • New death / revive system implemented 
    • Hopefully can longer save any gear if you alt-f4 while dead
    • Medics are notified when a player who was awaiting revive has respawned
    • You bleed out around 20 minutes, you no longer need to request a medic.
    • When you respawn, you instantly get pushed to the spawn selection menu
    • If you hold down space bar for 5 seconds, you will respawn. This is available immediately following your death.
    • Medics now use space bar to revive instead of windows key
    • When a player dies all medics receive a message stating the persons name, their side (cop, medic, civ), and their approximate location (guy died east of kavala)
    • In case medics didn't know, all dead players show on the map automatically. No revive request is needed to revive players.
    • Medics should now receive money for revives, and people who are revived pay the cost.





We'll be rolling out a patch for the following issues on restart:

  • Fixed selling turtles
  • Modified house trunk saving
  • Disabled opening text messaging or Y-menu while dead or while processing.
  • Fixed issues with crates that spawn on the map
  • Fixed giving keys to other players

Altis Life "Map Update"

On Saturday we released our big Map Update+ to the live servers. Here's the changelog:

  • Completely new map, most objects are now client side, went from 2900+ objects server side to 106.
  • Npc's are now animated (although some are not customized so they have silly animations, service stations should look good tho)
  • Re-made nametags, they no longer get stuck on your screen, and you can see players in cars.
  • The bottom right hud for food and stuff has been updated so that it scales properly for all screen resolutions
  • Various performance optimizations server side, hopefully the map changes also help server performance.
  • Reduced to 3 cartels
  • New menu system, all menus fade or animate, and Y-menu has been remade
  • New settings menu allows you to save view distance and other changes, and allows you to partially reduce grass quality.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Housing/Crates fix. Certain houses would not pull up a menu due to bohemia breaking a function with their latest update.
  • Crates from previous house owners no longer spawn, this only happened under certain conditions
  • Fixes for invisible menus
  • Various server side bug fixes
  • Jail time is reduced 33%
  • Once you escape jail your un-served time no longer saves.
  • Weapon sway reduced 25%
  • Redgull and other random redgull like items buffed, they last slightly longer, and allow you to run and aim 10% faster.
  • Thirst lost from redgull like items has been reduced
  • Upgrading house storage unlocked for all since I got around to fixing crate bugs
  • Fix for progress bar not showing text
  • Increased cartel capture radius from 50/75 to 70/95. meaning you must get within 70 meters of the flag, but can then walk up to 95 meters away from the flag.
  • Damage from vehicle collisions reduced 80%
  • Fix for not being able to place crates after just purchasing a house, a relog was required before.
  • Fixed air/boat mod-shop hitboxes. Boat service stations will no longer service air vehicles.
  • Added more settings to y-menu. You can now disable ambient life like birds/snakes/random noises, and you can now choose what percentage of decorative objects you want to spawn in upon connecting to the server.
  • Optimized event handlers for when you take damage
  • Weapon sway is reduced from last RC, it's now only 35% of the default arma sway compared to the last RC which was 75% of default.
  • Players who have the same name as other players online will now correctly show their number after their nametags and in other menus like the wanted list, this allows you to easily distinguish between players with the same name.
  • When loading in your player will now be at the correct height instead of on the surface of the terrain, this should prevent players from getting stuck in floors of buildings after connecting.
  • Hunger, thirst, and player damage now save.
  • Fixed DP missions
  • Hunger and thirst no longer kill you immediately, they slowly drain your health
  • Updated intro information, and moved it to the left side of the screen

Altis Life Hotfix - 7.03.01

A quick fix has been implemented intended to solve minor issues with the siren change that was implemented with the last update.

Also being fixed is the fabled Ice Cream Truck. This truck was not intended to be purchasable by everyone and as such, has been restricted to the proper party(s). If you purchased an Ice Cream Truck, you will have 7-days to either sell the truck or change the skin via the Truck Service Station. Failure to do so may result in the truck being removed from your garage without comp.


As many of you know, version 7.03 was officially released this past Friday (11/20/15) and contained a few bugs which to say the least, were irritating to play with. This weekend was dedicated to fixing what we could with a few minor updates that were not able to be included in 7.03's original release. The following have been implemented and will take effect on the next server restart:

Bug Fixes:

  • MX 3GL is now able to properly switch between lethal and tazer rounds.
  • Teargas effects have been disabled for the time being.
    • Performance issues regarding how players were effected once fired prompted this. The grenades will remain available, however they are regular smoke grenades at this time.
  • Lights and sirens for the APD Zamak should work properly now.


  • Sirens for both APD and R&R have been updated to make them more distinct.
    • Wail Sirens have been renamed to Primary Sirens.
    • Yelp Sirens have been renamed to Secondary Sirens.
    • Primary and Secondary Sirens may NOT be used at the same time. Players must disable one to use the other.
  • APD and Medics now have access to a custom "horn" which may be used while in the driver position by pressing "G".
  • "Rank Tags" above APD players properly reflect ranks as shown in TeamSpeak.

New Additions:

  • "Rank Tags" have been added for R&R. Note that CURRENTLY, these tags follow the same scheme as the APD. BE SURE TO CHECK WHO YOU'RE SHOOTING AT.
  • Rank specific uniforms have been added for R&R ranks Search & Rescue, Air Responder and Coordinator.
  • Missing virtual icons have been added for the following items:
    • Browiser
    • Fireworks
    • Organic Burgers
    • Cupcakes

Not a big update like everyone is hoping for but be assured that the development and designer teams are working diligently to get what the community desires.

Odin Out.