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  1. This is Rdm to @Miller 


    1. Sociopathic


      lmao, I love how he tries to undo it.


    2. Ignis


      Was that a combat log after? :Kappa:



      Ignis........ I think it was. #exposed.

  2. But this shitter did this to me a long time ago while he was in VX and I was in U we were not even in a red zone lmao.
  3. I have some Ghost Recon wildlands beta keys hmu if you want to earn one.

  4. lol then you have my post right after this. KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKeK
  5. this one is better
  6. @Fedot I heard you broke the stats page? Is this true and if so... FIX IT!

    1. DarwinsMisfit
    2. Sociopathic


      @Fedot Gimme your API for the stats page plz

  7. You are fucking dumb.
  8. So I get my 4Mill? And if you add up all the times you roast me you would owe me like 12mill.
  9. I played to 3am well into the next day there for I played for more than 24hrs straight like the bet said. Not counting the one time I textured bugged and the 2x I blacked screened. I played for about 25hrs I took a shower witch was like 30min if that. If the stats page was not hidden I could easily prove you and plumber wrong.