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  1. You mother fucker! lmao I remember that.
  2. Well maybe if you had not disbanded That one gang with the Tree people, that one Tree gang you know with the Tree people? Like the people that Worship a tree or some dumb shit. It might have been up there.
  3. I found this a long ass time ago and ran into it again, Watch this shit its fucking funny. 


    1. RambleR


      im fkn dead! 

  4. Notice how he takes his shirt off. xD
  5. Just got sent straight to jail for my first offense of verbal insults.... Fucking dumb cop. @Parker Radley

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    2. Phizx


      This is probably the only time you'd see me agree with the tard, but I have to say @I Am Fuzzy is stating complete facts. As a gang leader myself (having played sessions of over 15-16 hours a day as civ) I can easily say gang life is utterly dead. Sit in any teamspeak and wait for people to come in and the first thing you'll here is "Is anyone fighting?" "Nope, Olympus is dead right now" and that right now continues for a majority of the day until you get maybe 1 or 2 fights and then everyone gets off. @McDili I have to disagree with you on this, because we're not looking at "peak moments". Back when we had Cartel Warzone, MC , TI, and Burban went on and on in nonstop 10v10v10's and you can't even deny that. You can grab a loadout and join in a fight at any time of day and it was always full of people to fight on the daily. It was like that until we removed warzone and cut the cartels in half and that is when fighting started at a slow but steady decline. You guys might not care, neither do I, but if Olympus doesn't make any changes with the shit we're complaining about, that'll be the last you hear from me on the server as well as many others.

    3. Tman15tmb


      I swear some people just ignore what I write. If you do the same shit everyday you're going to get bored with the server. If you get bored with the server then take a break. No one is forcing you to do the same crap day in and day out.

      Too be honest I'm tired of the bitching. There are plenty of players that enjoy the server for what it is. Yes Dev's are going to make changes and add more stuff as time moves forward but the Dev's are not here to cater to the public. If you're getting bored doing the same shit everyday then choose to do something different. If you're stubborn and choose not to partake in other activities then that's your own fault. Go play king of the hill if you enjoy camping one area or go play wasteland if all you want to do is get in big gun fights all the time. Not saying Altis Life is meant for everyone. Clearly some people get bored with it. Instead of giving ideas on how to improve the server or giving new suggestions most people just choose to bitch and cry until they get what they want and that has no positive effect on changing the server.

    4. McDili




      Go post on the forums about what you want. And DO NOT sit here and tell me Warzone was great because Warzone was still around when the server was circling the drain at 40 players on at peak times.


      Yes Burban MC and TI were popping off at one point during warzone times, which btw, is exactly what I fucking said earlier in the post that you apparently disagree with me on.


      Warzone was also around during this server's arguably worst period in its time which is exactly my point about looking back at peak moments. You guys are so quick to forget how much fucking motivation it took to even login during the last few months of 2015 because there would constantly only be like 30-40 players on during peak times.

      This is why warzone was removed, because for the first couple months it popped off and then it sucked this server dry and nearly swallowed it whole.


      You guys act like this lull that's happening right now is unheard of, we've been here so many times in Olympus history. @Virus himself even spoke to the cycle of how shit just goes from popping off to lulls and then back again. He's not wrong, and this is a classic case at this point. We're in a lull, this has happened multiple times before and in MUCH WORSE magnitude. To be completely honest, this is probably the only lull in Olympus that I've ever experienced where server population still stays at peak levels.

      Idk why I'm explaining this though this is literally going to happen again in 3 months when things pop off and then get calm again.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy0yjBdpcNA whole video if you guys want to check it out. @Talindor @Bubbaloo Burrito @G.O.A.T. @McDili
  7. BEING toxic by saying take the fucking blind fold off? dont make me get on server one again...
  8. ok faggot.
  9. So with blindfolds in and cops being able to use them, Makes no fucking sense. Cops should not be able to use blindfolds. For one were talking about cops, hears a video of what I tried to rp and themountan cop had a shitty mic at first and was being a cunt. Then he dosnt even try to rp with me. I was going to pay my ticket if he would have just token the blind fold off. I seriously hate cops. Like fuck. Secondly, during the whole processing the were telling me what they were doing like it fucking ruins everything. Like trust me.
  10. 4 Crater 270m away from pro. will sell for 2.5mill Server 2
  11. Happy birthday @Sociopathic to my favorite cancer patient.

  12. I would not be ashamed of this...
  13. Yeah idk how to fix the volume in game. I use plays.tv and I have ingame @100%