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Altis Life Development

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Hotfix #1 - 1/1/19




  • Rebel Loadout Saving
    • Accessible by going to the rebel weapon shop
    • Will save everything you have on you but Y-inventory (Currently only able to save one loadout)
    • Are not able to save a loadout if you have anything that isn't a rebel item on you. (Including war-point items)
    • Tweaks will be made to this system and if it is liked we can expand it to vigilantes and/or whitelisted factions!
  • Donor APD Hatchback (Elite)
  • Donor APD SUV (VIP)
  • Donor RnR SUV (VIP)
  • Donor RnR Orca (Elite)
  • Garage for Prison (Not accessible during prison breaks) 
  • Auto Run
    • Will automatically drink redgull/coffee/lollipops when fatigued
    • Set it and toggle it using custom action 18
  • Mandated tutorials and additions to messages explaining stuff when you have less than 2 hours on the server
  • Thermal NVGs for Medic rank Coordinator+
  • P90 added to Blackwater loot pool
  • .45 Pistol added for Deputies
  • Field Hospital in Neochori
  • New loading background
  • Additional anti-cheat checks
  • All civilian offroad skins are now available for the armed offroad (50 Cal.)
  • Boat shop near the airfield
  • Bloodbags purchasable at vigilante outposts


  • Meth Processor
  • Minor Moonshine Processor changes
  • Complete RnR Vehicle Overhaul
  • Jr. APD ground vehicles optimized
  • Changed around the Orcas given for Elite & Champion
  • Both large federal reserve dome doors unlock when the bomb blows
  • Updated the loading screen
  • APD vehicle light brightness lowered
  • Medic vehicle light color changed and brightness lowered
  • Escort event vehicles can now be lock-picked or slim jim'd
  • APD can now bet
  • Staff have no assault cool-down 
  • Slightly increased Cop & Medic horn volume
  • Time to use Bolt-cutters shortened to 15 seconds
  • Reduced price of Enhanced GPS tracker to 45,000
  • Lowered cocaine processing time


  • Weapons spawning in event vehicles
  • Pharmaceutical timer not disappearing when truck is seized
  • Pharmaceutical timer covering federal event timers
  • Plane mission dialog cutting off when interacted with by RnR and APD
  • Game no longer crashes if restrained when map is open
  • Red Donor backpack lowered to MVP tier
  • Bait appliances now seize-able
  • Offroad (AT) can now use vehicle ammo to refill its rockets
  • Ability to use bet button with betting disabled
  • Sofia chop shop now has correct marker
  • Monster Ifrit now has the correct donor insignias
  • Several house inventory bugs


  • Compensation crates
  • 5 minute delay for starting escorts/terror on server restart
  • Sting 9mm from the APD shop
  • Easter Egg Hunt


Hotfix #1

  • Vigilante Tier 4 added
    • Spar-16 moved to tier 4
    • Tier 3 payout reduced to 75%
    • Vigilante vest moved up to a tier 3 unlock
  • New players have betting disabled by default
  • CSAT can't be saved with loadouts
  • Pistol red dot and flashlight re-added for deputies
  • Gathering should  stop more consistently now
  • Medics and cops can now change skins in service station if they have donor skins
  • More Event Vehicles added/fixed to be correct vehicle
  • Black helmets for Senior Medics added
  • Delivery Package mission upgrade
    • All DP mission prices increased dramatically
    • All DP missions now deposit money into ATM instead of cash
    • Medic DP missions fixed to go to all APD HQs and R&R hospitals
    • All DP missions should not have issues with picking same location to deliver where started from
    • Package destinations and delivery confirmations now appear in chat
  • Loadout changes
    • Increased delay for saving and loading to help server performance
    • Fixed various bugs regarding items to save
  • Added Highway Patrol HQ
  • Removed Sofia HQ
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Recommended Comments

11 hours ago, Slumberjack said:

When could we expect under-glow and all those fun things to be added

underglow was the December goal so it's most likely not coming out until the big monthly update

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1 hour ago, Imawowboy said:

Does the DP changes affect the plane missions too?

It shouldn’t 

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6 hours ago, thicc n word said:

How much can you expect to get from a DP mission now?

You can expect to get over double of what DP missions used to output.

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