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Altis Life Development

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Altis Life Hotfix - 2/03/19 - Colored Titles




  • Underglow
    • Supporter - Offroad
    • MVP - SUV
    • VIP - Hatchback Sport
    • Elite - Striders/Ifrits/Hunters
    • Everyone - Quadbikes
      • Notes:
      • To activate, get in a vehicle as the driver and go to your keychain in the y-menu, there will be a new button there for underglow.
      • If you would like more colors, suggest them on the forums. Along with that please report any bugs ASAP :)
      • Due to how arma handles lighting you might see a few flashes or at time not see the light altogether, this is an engine limitation and there is nothing much we can do about it. 
      • Currently working on a way so that underglow will be seen at larger distances and during daytime without much of a performance hit.
  • Cops can now seize cash (not bank money) of players
    • Players are now also notified of exactly what seizure type is performed
    • Cops can see how much cash is on hand by searching player
    • Money seizure is broadcast in-side chat for everyone
  • Money Swag hatchback opened to $500 donors and higher
  • Medic dispatches will now update location each time a new one is sent
    • Medic dispatches will also now display in side chat so you can re-read if needed
  • Medics are able to lock up houses after they use a fireaxe
  • APD Staff Rank (Rank 4)
    • Access to all Sergeant Weapons / Accessories
    • No ghosthawks
    • Corporal Uniform
    • Staff Corporal rank insignia
    • Access to APD Hunter
  • New Warzone rebel
    • Qilins added to chief
    • Carrier Rig re-added for LT+


    • Distance from cartels for non-war warpoints lowered a smidgen
    • Cops will now be able to see illegal uniforms in search menu if it is illegal
    • You can now give items in different number formats (ex, "01" will work now. You do not NEED to replace the 0)
    • Medics no longer have "body armor" if in events
    • Oil Pro map marker
    • Stolen vehicle list displays messages when nothing is missing


    • Vigilante Buddy system should now payout correctly
    • Can now get names of boat drivers with binoculars/rangefinders/titans
    • Medic ranks titles work again
    • Vigilante's can now seize firing pins again
    • Medic DP missions, again...
    • Fixed exploit with re-assembling firing pin in vehicles
    • Corporals can no longer search houses
    • APD Training Dummy
    • Give button no longer shows in search menu for APD


    • NLR messages at Cartels
    • Catching fish in restraints

    HOTFIX #1

    • Colored Titles
      • $15 Donator
        • Orange
      • $30 Donator
        • Yellow
      • $50 Donator
        • Blue
        • Dodger Blue
        • Light Blue
        • Turquoise
      • $100 Donator
        • Hot Pink
      • $250 Donator
        • Green
    • Fixed Texture related to Ifrit
    • Added 4 new Hunter Textures 
    • $250 Donators will now actually be able to buy the money hatchback
    • APD / RNR will no longer be able to send a dispatch to their respective faction while on-duty
    • Underglow for SUV - $50 -> $30

    As always if a bug is found please submit a bug report in https://olympus-entertainment.com/support/



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