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Altis Life Update - 2020-10-07 - October Content Update

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  • Conquest stats for kills, deaths, and captures
  • Casino stats for money won, money lost, times gambled
  • Notification when unlocking titles
  • Namable Vehicles - $50+
    • Edit names of vehicles in your garage
    • When impounded or seized name will display in global chat
    • When claimed at chop shop name will transfer over.
  • Experimental performance enhancements
    • Should increase server and client performance and allow further incremental performance updates moving forward
  • Respawn button confirmation in escape menu and respawn screen
  • $15k "Titan Hit" charge added on a successful titan hit
  • Prowler to Corporal+
  • APD Tarus
    • Sling Taru to SGT+
    • Bench and Transport Taru to Lieutenant+
  • New Lieutenant+ Uniform
  • 6.5 suppressors for Deputy Chief+
  • 75rnd AK-12 magazines for Lieutenant+
  • Lethal Injector item for $250k. Use on a dead body to force a respawn and delete their gear
  • Orca price increased to 500k to encourage usage of weaker helis
  • Drug dealer interrogation.
    • APD can scrollwheel a drug dealer and retrieve a list of people who recently sold drugs
    • Automatically adds the "drug trafficking" charge ($15k, gives PC) to recent sellers
  • Texture Additions
    • Neon Rider Hatchback [1] [2]
    • Venom Ifrit [1] [2] [3]
    • Altis Racer Hatchback [1] [2]
    • Mudiwa's gang uniform


  • Vehicle despawn script
    • @Trimorphious is at it again! This time vehicles will despawn if left unused for 5-10 minutes
      • Vehicles with inventory items will not despawn
      • Vehicles marked through the y menu will not despawn
      • Vehicles with players within 10m will not despawn
  • Vest warpoint prices brought in line with real warpoint value
  • Group counter at top of group y menu tab.
  • Armed Plane Rework
    • Now with a .50 cal gun
    • Price increased to $2m
    • $500k unarmed racing plane that can be upgraded to an armed plane at a service station
    • German Skin update[1] [2]
  • Combat store timer replaced with 30 second progress bar to aid cancer patient gang members at rebels
  • APD at Airdrop
    • Cops may now respond to aidrops - see rules here
    • 3 minute progress bar to seize crate (once situation is called clear), rewards cops nearby with money depending on what items are in the crate.
    • Forced lethals for all ranks
  • Blackwater vehicle seizure price now 4m, 3m for armed prowlers
  • Cop sync loadout button moved to cop weapon shop
  • "Seize Objects" moved to bottom of scroll menmu
  • APD Skin Reworks
    • Police Hatchback [1]
    • Police SUV [1]
    • Police Offroad [1]
  • Medics now receive $17,500 for risky revives in warzone and rebel outposts.


  • Supervisor+ now have access to EMT hats
  • Cop virtual inventory no longer disappears when epi'd
  • Flash grenade no longer takes off earplugs
  • Panic button now updates location properly on 2nd press
  • Sofia impound lot
  • Red burger in Athira
  • Various bugs


  • APD Jeep (Armed and Unarmed)
  • Warzone drug dealer
  • Kavala HQ submarine
  • Texture Removals
    • Redgull Hatchback
    • Taxi Hatchback
    • Ninja Turtles Ifrit


Hotfix #1

  • Lethal injection stat
  • Houses bought through auction house
  • Receiving dopamine from medic & npc simultaneously no longer bugs the medic
  • Spamming slots no longer breaks it
  • Armed planes no longer decide to become unarmed
  • Adding vehicles to gang garages no longer removes mods
  • Removed white lights from APD/R&R vehicles (less eye cancer)
  • Jets no longer can spawn with bombs
  • Readded Tayte's gang uniform
  • Fixed various logs
  • Added surfer cap to rebel
  • Fixed Various errors

@Trimorphious @Fraali @Tech @Horizon @raykazi @Solomon @n-a


As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

We made some significant changes to hopefully improve performance which resulted in many scripts being modified. There is very likely going to be a few issues that we didn't notice while testing. If you find anything wrong, please make a bug report so we can fix it in a hotfix.

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Recommended Comments

8 hours ago, Praetorian said:

250K OMEGALUL, should be 500-750k. 250k is chump change for the toxics on this server. Plus people who will be willing to rdm and lethal inject and take the 3 day. 

= player report and comp request

250k is a little more than an average loadout so its costing someone a loadout for someone else to lose their loadout. Unless its something extremely valuable like a Mar10 then its different.

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5 hours ago, Millennium said:

= player report and comp request

250k is a little more than an average loadout so its costing someone a loadout for someone else to lose their loadout. Unless its something extremely valuable like a Mar10 then its different.

Yeah you're right, but in my opinion 250k is a little cheap for the most toxic item other than suicide vests hahaa, guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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