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Altis Life Update 1/7/2016




  • Vehicle Persistence through restarts
    • A maximum of 1 vehicle per player will stay through restart. If you own 2 vehicles within 150m of your position on restart, only 1 will persist through restart.
    • The owner of the vehicle must be online when the server restarts and within 150m of the vehicle for it to save
    • The vehicles trunk will save through restart (only through restart, does not save if stored in garage)
    • On server restart the saved vehicles spawn in where they were left right before restart
    • If the owner of a persistent vehicle does not log on within 15 minutes the vehicle will despawn and go back to garage. Unless someone has gotten into the vehicle after it spawned.
  • Map Markers
    • You can no longer make map marker > 64 characters
    • All map markers will have the persons name who made them in front of them.
    • Certain words are filtered from map markers
    • You can only place up to 10 map markers a minute
  • Modified the anti VON in side chat script
  • Side chat filter/spam prevention
  • LOTS more logging
  • Modified the color overlay, should be much better now.
  • NLR spawn prevention bugfix and radius reduced to 500m
  • Surrender fixed, for realzies this time
  • MOAR SERVER LOGS, like, a redonk amount


NOTE: Theres a slight chance, like 1/100, that you'll crash on join. This issue will be fixed next update.


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3 hours ago, talindor said:

the most important question to ask is, with one vehicle persistent at reset, will the virtual items stay in vehicle as well?

The "trunk" is considered the virtual inventory. So that is a yes.

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