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Altis Life Update 1/9/2016



This is mostly an optimizations update, coming out next restart. ~6PM est.


  • Fixed issue which would prevent players from spamming certain Arma actions like changing firing mode.
  • Nerfed color some more
  • Persistent vehicle system should now be reliable
  • Support for offloading some of the most resource intensive server side functions to a headless client
  • All data syncing offloaded to headless client
  • Conversion from some scripted functions to engine functions on both server and client

We'll be trying to offload as much as possible to a headless client so that the server itself does less, which may reduce de-sync and provide better server performance overall. Server performance as of right now is fine with 100 players, better than what it was with 80 with previous versions. The issue now is some de-sync, which we're working on now.


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