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Altis Life Update - 2021-11-3 - November Hotfix Update




  • AKM (Flashlight) to rebel weapon shops
  • Color variants of the CAR-95 & CAR-95B for Donors
  • Sidechat command ;players which allows players to view how many people are currently online
  • Suppressors color variants for Donors
    • Available in the Rebel Warpoint shop
  • Green color variants for the SRT Donor $250
  • Helicopter Pilot Helmets for Deputy+
    • May only be utilized by the Pilot/Co-Pilot for aerial patrols
  • iPod Gang Uniform
  • 100% Honest Farmers Gang Uniform
  • Support for additional client side mods


  • Undercover has been reduced from SAPD -> active FTO
  • O+ Helicopter Pilot reduced from Corporal+ -> Deputy+
  • O+ Black Fatigues reduced from Patrol Officer+ -> Deputy+
  • Banks & Pharmaceuticals now have a 10 minute cooldown period after a Federal Event
  • Cooldown after completion of a Federal Event 15M -> 30M
  • Pyrgos Drug Dealer moved and redesigned


  • Restrained players removing nametags
  • Not being able to sell items to Kavala Market
  • SWAT members can purchase backpacks regardless of an active Conquest
  • APD Escort Athira marker being in the old location
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