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Altis Life Update - 2021-12-1 - December Update




  • Tutorial - a framework for future Quests
    • An interactive step-by-step guide to doing a Silver run for new players
      • Players are rewarded $250,000 for completion
      • Players may only complete the Tutorial once
    • Players must be in Athira to start the Tutorial
    • Players participating in the Tutorial will have a Yellow name
      • Players participating in the Tutorial may not be initiated upon or robbed during this time (Identified by a Yellow name)
        • Exception: Starting the tutorial to avoid a situation or while engaged
        • Exception: Players in the tutorial who initiate may be shot
    • Players who rob or initiate upon players participating in the tutorial will receive harsh administrative action
  • Additional Conquest Maps
  • Mod Support for Map Dark Mode
    • Players may chose whether or not to play with this the same as other client side mods
  • Medic Fireman tank now acts like a virtual med kit allowing medics to heal themselves and others without requiring a med kit on hand.
    • Fireman tank price increased to $10K to offset this addition
  • Sofia Bank @ Diamond_drop ¬†
  • Texture Additions


  • Gas Mask
    • Increased Price to $5K
    • Gas masks are now considered illegal¬†
  • Pharma Adjustments
    • Reduced required cop amount to start escort
      • Medium - 5 cops ‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†4¬†cops¬†
      • Large - 7 cops¬†‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†5¬†cops¬†
    • Pharma payout increases by $50K for each unique cop kill around the vehicle up to $500K
      • Bonus payout does not get affect by drop off modifiers¬†
    • The pharma blue zone only appears once robbery has started instead of constantly being on the map
  • Bank Rework (Affects Neochori and Sofia Bank)
    • Bank vaults reduced from 3 ‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†1
    • Increased blasting bomb timer from 10 minutes ‚ě°ÔłŹ15 minutes
    • Increased base money bag amount to from 65 ($2M)¬†‚ě°ÔłŹ100 ($3M)
    • Increased bank robbery cooldown from 10 minutes¬†‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†20 minutes
    • Bank zone only appears once a bank robbery has started
      • Bank active zone changed from red zone to blue zone
  • Adjusted Jail @ Diamond_drop
    • Removed ATC overwatching¬†the bridges
    • Removed deer stand on right bridge
    • Placed road block on right bridge
  • Updated group map marker and server info markers
  • Dope crates now show a timer on the map
  • Ifrit front glass panels nerfed
  • Adjusted Sofia Chop Shop¬†¬†@ NokiaStrong


  • Bank total money bags not increasing with cop kills
  • WP 7.62 mags are now all 1WP
  • Pyrgos¬†Boardwalk Casino performance issues fixed
  • Lockpicks/Boltcutters not being required to unrestrain people people restrained by APD
  • Terror stopping at 3 minutes left¬†
  • Airdrop cooldown message being broadcasted to everyone¬†
  • Vehicle trunk messages constantly showing "Awaiting Server Response" instead of proper message¬†
  • 2nd Fed internal door not being able to be closed by APD after being boltcut
  • 2nd Federal Reserve Dome being destroyed¬†
  • Airdrop seize timer being 3.5 minutes rather than 2 minutes¬†


  • Staff KOS
  • Texture Removals
    • Wooback¬†Gang Ghosthawk
    • Wooback Gang Ifrit
    • Prime Rib¬†Gang Ifrit
    • Acre¬†Gang Ifrit
    • Silla¬†Gang Uniform
    • Iron Maners¬†Gang Uniform
    • The Weebs Gang Uniform
    • ACRE¬†Gang Uniform
    • Nitro¬†Gang Uniform
    • Skeleton Uniform


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