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Altis Life Update - 7.03



Here we are again everyone, welcome to Olympus' Altis Life version 7.03. This update has brought a few undisclosed bugs as well as the following additions and modifications.

General Changes:

  • Teargas has been added to the servers, identified by Orange Smoke.
  • Certain equipment is capable of mitigating the effects of Teargas, which are broken into a Physical effect and a Visual effect. To make things interesting, what protects from teargas will not be revealed at this time.

APD Changes:

  • New Equipment:
    • Corporals and above now have access to the 6.5mm MX 3GL.
    • Corporals and above now have access to 3GL launch 40mm Orange Teargas grenades.
  • Equipment Updates:
    • Sergeants will again have the ability to purchase both standard and improved uniforms.
    • Deputies and above now have access to masks allowing protection against deployed Teargas.
    • Uniforms have been redesigned, moving them away from the former gray/black/white.
  • Vehicle Updates:
    •  Corporals and higher now have access to the Covered Zamak.
    • Access to the Hellcat has been limited to Dep. Chief and above.
    • Access to the Strider has been lowered to Lieutenant and above.

R&R Changes:

  • General Updates:
    • On-duty medics will now be visible on the map to other on-duty medics.


APD Handbook Update - Chapter 13

  • Teargas is to used only when responding to one of the following:
    • Federal Reserve Robbery
    • Federal Prison Break
    • Rebel Outpost Raid
    • Gang Hideout Raid
    • House Searches
    • Terror/Riot
    • Exception: Use of Teargas may be used in any non-listed circumstance when permission is given by an on-duty Sergeant or higher.
  • Teargas protection is to be worn only when gas is being deployed.


Recommended Comments

3 hours ago, pHunter said:

R&R Changes:

  • General Updates:
    • On-duty medics will not be visible on the map to other on-duty medics.



why is this an update ?



what tom cruise confused wut huh




Yeah I gotta ask, what's the intention with this one?

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It's so you can see the other medics on the map like you can with the group and APD, R&R only showed up as a small green symbol, now you will be able to see the name of your fellow medic on the map

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when will this update be rolled out to come into play i like the sound of tear gas though and the fact i can finally see medics on the map not just the circle star thing. nice job odin

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The update should have rolled out last night but it seems there is a glitch in the update system we have in place. I'll be messaging Poseidon today to see if we can get it sorted quickly.

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Noticeable bugs so far.


MX GL ONLY lethals people. Cannot switch to tazers.

When you get affected by tear gas, you cannot sprint ever again UNLESS you mount your gun on a surface.

Redgull seems to completely nullify the fatigue effect of tear gas(It still won't allow you to sprint, but you can move freely at full fatigue.)



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On top of that there seems to be some issues with the new uniform loading in, this may only be a server one issue, or it may be something else.  However I logged onto server two and everyone was in a blue uniform, on server one I logged on and the other Sgts were talking about how everyone was in white uniforms, even though the PO's saw themselves and other officers in blue.

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