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    2. Mobundo African Warlord

      Mobundo African Warlord

      26 minutes ago, Peter Long said:

      This is my community...... What the heck am I doing with my life..... 

      This is Why i must come back and commit a genocide X_X

    3. Snare
    4. Poseidon


      2 hours ago, Mobundo African Warlord said:

      This is Why i must come back and commit a genocide X_X

      muh boy

  2. I have 1 3crater will sell for 4 mill.
  3. I would NEVER!!! Lmao I'm not sure I don't remember his name.
  4. The lock pick idk But the frog is a gift from somebody I have long forgotten. I got him my 2nd day on the force his name is Larry, and he is more qualified to be a corporal than you.
  5. Apparently I pay randoms to throw grenades at KS lmao!
  6. Can someone teach me how to drive Ifrit's I dont want to be a [Tree] Mac

  7. Jesse You left bc the community is "Toxic" Then you say some dumb ass shit like this. You are fucking toxic.
  8. @TheRandomOne We all know the News Team is not going to go anywhere, With out ya boy @Frank Castle 

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    2. TheRandomOne


      I see, unfortunately I'm still waiting on the go ahead because it's not implemented yet (it should be coming with the update). As soon as that's good, we'll be doing interviews and accepting applications

    3. Frank Castle

      Frank Castle

      Sweet cant wait! 

    4. TheRandomOne


      1 hour ago, buckie said:

      its not going anywhere anyways 

      Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  9. I think its cool that cops are able to be restrained.
  10. So I feel like there are to many cops, Everyday when I get on I face a police force of 9+ cops, At this time there were 20 of us....
  11. Wow they really deleted my deadpool meme. I didn't even get to read the comments. :FeelsBad: