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Gauging Interest: Leagues / Tournaments


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  1. 1. Leagues or Tournaments (Leagues constituting a group stage followed by a tournament structure)

    • League
    • Tournament
    • Either one! I just want to compete!
    • Neither. Not interested.
  2. 2. Which game(s) are you interested in? (Select Multiple)

    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
    • League of Legends (LoL)
    • Rocket League (RL)
    • Rainbow Six Siege (RB6) [IF POSSIBLE]
    • Other (Reply with game)
  3. 3. Game Structure

    • Self-reporting (Both compentitors/teams report each others scores w/ screenshots, etc., penalties for not doing this, also, play games at your and your opponents' convenience)
    • Guided (have tournament/league staff handle setting up of games, etc - less availablility/times for games)
    • Other (reply to topic)

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Alright, so I've been thinking recently that I and others' that would like to help me could set up a league/tournament structure for Olympus for various games.

- The first game would be CS:GO as a test, and then branch out to others if successful/time provided.

- There would be rewards in Arma/Teamspeak/etc for winning in these tournaments

- There would be a general support structure on the forums besides PMs for these tournaments/leagues.


I think it would be fun and I'd like to gauge the communities interest. This doesn't mean it would happen, it's just something I'd like to see happen, depending on my and other staffs' availability/time.

Please reply with any comments/questions/concerns.

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56 minutes ago, Piner said:

I assume Olympus would host a 128 tic server?

Idk if we'd host it in case we'd want some sort of anti-cheat backing it, (I mean we could use Easy Anti-Cheat from steam) but it's undisputed that it would be on 128tick servers, yes.

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