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  1. So worth it 


    1. CommanderSuki


      You would love VoiceAttack i use it with the Orion voice pack when i play Elite Dangerous :)

    2. fugi



      CommanderSuki same lol 

  2. Day 15 of January. Still no donation goal. 

    1. Jesse


      I believe it was already determined in the staff mtg. Just hasn't been updated. Sorry you're just out of the loop. Read our mindz.

    2. Goodman
    3. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy


  3. Bring back Unit 2 channels 

  4. Recently me as well as many other players have noticed how gang life has become very stale. If you have anything constructive to say to help solve this issue please reply here.
  5. Remove gate 4 at the fed.
  6. Pls dont post dumb shit. We need actual ideas to bring back gang life.
  7. can we get rid of the 200k limit for lethals

    1. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      It splits between nearby officers. Dont think we need a limit anymore.

    2. Fuzy


      I agree, I shot someone down with my ghosthawk and he was wanted for 1.7 mil and we all got 50k. XD There was 4 of us

    3. DanteFleury


      100% agree. I understood the limit before the bounty split. It definitely prevented Corporals from getting lethal hungry. Now with the split, I think taking the limit off makes the most sense. Especially if its at a jail/fed where lethals will most likely be utilized and 5-7+ cops are online and in the general area of the lethal. 

  8. I tried to slide into the DM's and failed.

    1. Phizx



    2. ScreaM


      try tumblr with these kinds of post

  9. Mfw the only thing that distinguishes @Fuzy and I is a letter.
  10. i actually fixed this issue by making my shit read only
  11. 10/10 cheaf tag

  12. This is an amazing update!
  13. how the fuck did you get 40 coveralls

    1. DanteFleury


      You'll never be slammed so hard to the ground if you don't drop after throwing too. We weren't taught to Hulk Hogan rip the pin out either lmao

  15. @Colt Your RP is fucking priceless

    1. Colt


      always got my prison shank

    2. Joel


      RP????????? You're all banned.

  16. Olympus isn't dying. The gang life is. Full servers everyday, but nobody will fight because everything is stale.

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    2. Silton


      16 minutes ago, I Am Fuzzy said:

      @Silton how do u think you guys are gonna get better if your not gonna fight. I use to fight. Have no money after dying, do a quick SUV mushroom run for another loadout and fight again. Did that over and over for months. 

      Money isnt really a problem and we have fought cartels the last few days ( not me thanks to a bs ban :)) but i see all these guys complaining about fights when they're all part of the biggest gangs no shit its not fun all the little gangs dont wanna fight outnumbered 

    3. AndrewFam


      @SiltonWe only get fights against the "smaller" gangs if we promise not to chop and let them get revs even tho we normally have less numbers lmao. The reason they don't find fights fun is not because other gangs have more, or the other gang is defending, or some other shit excuse. They just suck. The only way to get better is to keep trying.

    4. Silton


      @AndrewFam as i said in my 1st rant skill and numbers guys like r, MC, TI and that asylum gang that never plays alot of you have the better players on the server instead be have like 2 good players and rest bodies and standard players. We still put up a good fight tho ;) sometimes...

  17. Bring Back Warzone Outpost. MORE FIGHTS PLZ

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    2. platinumfire


      1 hour ago, Joel said:

      I brought up a Idea. So like how asylum has Cartel switches every restart we could have the warzone and big towers a restart than after that it's no towers and 3 cartels than on the next restart warzone and towers. Just flips back and forth. So if you don't like it you can wait 4 hours than come back :)) 

      actually i made a post way back about this +Fuck Tons, cuz we need a change

    3. Augustus


      I don't think many people really disliked all the cartels/warzone, so maybe just switch between big towers and no big towers and have the warzone 24/7? 

    4. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      As long as something changes lmao

  18. its a trap. i logged on 1.5 years ago and havent been able to leave.
  19.  Probably gonna get a GTX 1070 tonight. Can't wait for the texture bugs. 

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    2. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      yeah that's true

    3. rabid


      why 1070 just get a fucking 1060 they have a 5 fps difference

    4. Rogue


      Fuck it get the titan X It's only 1k

  20. Congrats on Head Admin @Grandma Gary

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    2. Corbaaan


      6 hours ago, Talindor said:

      Congrats on constable.

      maby one day for me :/

    3. OlympusAccount


      @RambleRThat's what I was saying. I must've missed something

    4. Rogue


      when did he get head admin

  21. It's Christmas fuck off till tomorrow
  22. Blackout curtains and like 500 dollars.