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Altis Life Update - 2020-07-04 - July Content Update

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@Trimorphious @raykazi @Fraali @Tech @mohsen98 @Solomon @Zahzi


  • Airdrop Event
    • Spawns 1-2m worth of random rebel, warpoint and possibly blackwater gear
    • Features an ultra-rare, rare, and common drop table
    • While active the drop zone is a 1km radius red zone that anyone can enter to fight for the loot
    • Cops must follow conquest rules (ie can only enter to follow somebody in 1st wave, must be lethals, cannot engage with other civilians)
    • The drop zone is chosen randomly from dozens of possible locations around the map
    • Started by staff members during periods of high pop
    • Once started, the red zone is active and after 10 minutes the supply crate will drop
    • The event ends once 25 minutes have passed or the loot has been claimed
  • HQ Takeover system
    • Takeover terminal available at Rebel Outposts
    • 1 minute timer to allow players to leave the area
    • Map marker and broadcasts to the area, cops and group that started takeover that the takeover is starting
    • APD respawn timer increased by 30 seconds for every minute active up to 3 minutes delay
    • Map marker for APD where takeover terminal is placed
  • Pure heroin to rebel outpost for 10k
  • Killstreaks for Conquest War targets
  • SDV to R&R Boat Shops
  • Titans fired show shooter's name when missed
  • UI Elements to administration menus
  • Additional logging for APD searches/seizures for statistics
  • Sofia Conquest point
  • Y menu option to disable lethals
  • P90 to Corporal
  • When processing, players receive a speed bonus with each inventory.
  • Texture Additions
  • APD State Police ($250 Champion Tier)
  • Gang Textures


  • 15 minute timer before being able to start a Federal Reserve, Blackwater, Jail, or Bank after a Federal Event finishes
  • Bank defuse time reduced to 30 seconds
  • Auto-run now allows you to auto-swim if in the water
  • Healing while under the effects of pure heroin now clears your screen
  • Storing Vigilante license price reduced from 750k to 400k
    • Store arrests moved to bottom of scroll wheel menu
  • SPAR-16s 150rnd mags warpoint price reduced from 5 to 1 warpoint
  • Armed Qilin price reduced from $2 Million to 1.25 million
  • No longer required to softlog to sync APD/R&R Gear - button in gear menu
  • Cartel markers change to indicate a cartel being captured on map
  • Members of the Founder's Circle now have access to all hex icons


  • Player names not changing from red to white after leaving a gang
  • Redgull / Lollipop making revives slower
  • MXC having no weight in house storage
  • Black bar bug after being dead for long periods of time
  • Keys not appearing if you softlog after purchasing
  • Air hospital not appearing correctly
  • Houses spawning on spawn island
  • Vigilante buddy system giving increased payouts
  • If killed in an action stuck in the same action when revived
  • Players not being removed from events after death
  • Gang shed pay in advance not showing text if paid over 2 months in advance
  • APD briefcase bug
  • Logging for APD death fees in warzone


  • Various textures
    • N7 Ifrit
    • ION SUV
    • Beer and 420 Civilian clothes
    • Wasteland and Biohazard Offroads
    • Domihos hatchback

Hotfix #1:

  • APD vandal orca's no longer go to cops garage after being seized
  • Fixed gang vehicles deleting if left out over restart
  • Fixed RnR hunters having "APD STATE" skin
  • Added multiple olive/woodland vests to APD shop for certain ranks
  • Added multiple founders custom hex icons
  • Added "Army" texture for the tempest
  • Fixed some gang-shed vehicle spawns
  • Fixed sometimes broadcasting death in chat twice
  • Fixed disbanding gangs bugging players at times
  • Fixed donor cop clothes deleting from players
  • Fixed abort/respawn for cops being disabled
  • Fixed cartel capture marker not updating properly
  • Fixed markers of house keys not displaying properly
  • Fixed players not able to receive invites to gangs
  • Fixed service stations
  • Centered "Killed by" text while dead
  • Removed some gang uniforms

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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Recommended Comments

2 hours ago, Zahzi said:

is this a new hunter you bought or was it in your garage before?

This is the one already in our garage, if we buy a new one it has the R&R textures! 



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On 7/4/2020 at 1:40 PM, anti said:

Theres no mention of the processing leveling up that was added that I see?  It's fucking sick though.. I love it. 

As Zahzi said, you get better processing bonus the more you process (up to 20% increase). The amount of items you need to process to get each bonus depends on the type of run (legal, illegal, illegal (3 items). The buff resets after 5 minutes plus the amount of time it took to process the previous batch of items.

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17 hours ago, SPBojo said:

This is the one already in our garage, if we buy a new one it has the R&R textures! 



hey wasnt me

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Hotfix #1:

  • Fixed RnR hunters having "APD STATE" skin

You've now broken the medic ghosthawk XD



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