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Altis Life Update - 2020-06-04 - June Content Update




  • Skate helmets for PO+ (see apd rule update)
  • Flare gun to sgt+
  • GPS tracker to vigi shop
  • Blackfoot to admin spawn menu
  • ;r shortcut to reply to last message in chat
  • HMG offroad with ballastic shield and red dot sight
  • Small IED - 250k
  • Large IED - 350k
  • Green SPAR16 and SPAR16s to rebel
  • Custom hex icons from giveaway ( @Thick Mans @evannnn @Flex Offender )
  • Ability to save multiple loadouts (3)
  • Ability to heal legs with pure heroin (custom action 20)
  • Automatic event entry system
    • Moderator can enable when starting the event
    • Players can join with ;ejoin and leave with ;eleave
  • Map
    • Impound lot to Neochori Hospital
    • Extra gangsheds near warzone
    • North warzone conquest sector
    • Panagia conquest sector
    • Two new vehicle spawns to East Arms rebel
    • AA markers in federal events
    • Another garage to Therisa
  • Texture


  • 2 Helicopter spawns added to all APD HQs
    • Minor changes to Air & Athira HQ to accommodate these changes
  • 2 Helicopter spawns added to Pyrgos & Kavala Air Garage
  • Additional Vehicle shop to Therisa
  • Warzone drug dealer moved
  • Spawn protection radius at conquest rebel is now 100m, second car pull at east arms is now safe
  • Repairing a vehicle with a toolkit will now always fully repair the vehicle
  • Can now use a service pad for vehicle repair for any vehicle you have keys to
  • Updated login credits
  • Carrier GL rig is now available in the sgt clothing shop
  • Reverted cop lethal text (sapd don't like roleplay)
  • War menu now stays open after cancelling wars
  • Pharma payout from 135% to 150%
  • Log improvements
  • Price of repairing gangshed reduced to $1m
  • Explosive charge pruce reduced from 325k to 190k
  • Slam mine price reduced from 250k to 200k
  • Contraband picking will now yield between 1-4
  • The chop shop closest to a conquest will now be locked until 5 minute after conquest ends
  • Pharma sell price increased 15% for donation goal
  • Deposit box force syncs player cash on withdrawal
  • Can now spawn air/ground vehicles at rebel boat
  • Rebel boat traveled north with the wind 
  • Made @Slumberjack head coordinator
  • Blackwater vehicles spawn with T4
  • Reduced medic slots to 12
  • Some walls at BW can be knocked down
  • Texture


  • Exploit spot in Blackwater
  • Enabled damage on various map objects
  • Some script errors
  • Loadout progress being cancelled on rebel boat
  • Bug that set jail time to max at 1.3m instead of 2m
  • Not being able to spawn at gang shed when logging in dead
  • Spawning at a blown up gangshed should no longer put you on respawn island
  • Instant spawn bug at conquest rebel
  • Some causes for "black bar" or "hud bug" - this will still occur with some dialogs, but less frequently than before
  • Betting exploit
  • Hatchback spawning at a certain gangshed
  • Taru flipping after being pulled
  • Briefcases not being deleted after seizing the last item
  • Betting stats not updating (stats will be retroactively updated)
  • Black titles + script error
  • Some pretty sick dupes
  • Pharma markers + timer not disappearing when event is complete


  • Nothing


Hotfix #1

  • All deaths in conquest will let the player respawn at the safe rebel (provided they have a weapon or get killed by another player)
  • Fixed custom hex icons from giveaway (a couple were swapped)
  • Fix killer name/gang not showing on death screen
  • Fixed some map bugs
    • Athira HQ heli spawns
    • Pyrgos NPC
    • Removed the castle at OG heroin
  • Fixed @Slumberjack's director status
  • Fix logging error when cop lethaling
  • Update login credits
  • Add bandolier to S&R for usage with the fireman suit
  • Whitelist fireman suit for texture staff
  • Recenter the "respawn available" text


Thanks to all the developers for their hard work this update! @Trimorphious @Horizon @Fraali @raykazi @Solomon

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.

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Recommended Comments

No flare gun for Staff+ ? 5fc82b6d77bea95e50dc0739d3628099.png

"Green SPAR16 and SPAR16s to rebel"

So possession illegal weapon, or possession of weapon without a license since its a WPL weapon @sr. APD

Imagine someone paying $250 for a uniform 🤡

  • Haha 1
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  • Carrot Kid
1 minute ago, Millennium said:

Imagine someone paying $250 for a uniform 🤡

Nearly half of the medics at the rank already have it 🙂

1 minute ago, Millennium said:

So possession illegal weapon, or possession of weapon without a license since its a WPL weapon @sr. APD

Sounds like a weapon without a license to me, but @Senior APD Member

2 minutes ago, Millennium said:

No flare gun for Staff+ ?


5 minutes ago, rabid said:

Blackwater vehicles spawn with T4

when was this approved LMAO


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  • Carrot Kid
1 minute ago, Millennium said:

What rank is it given to?

also meant for R&R with the flare guns...


R&R flaregun has not yet been implemented

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