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Roundtable Summary 2021-1-5





  • When you pull vehicles out of a garage, make an option to give keys to all in your group/gang 
  • Keybind which shows names below people's hex's
  • Decrease time which allows players to respawn after requesting medic (is currently 7 minutes)
  • Warpoint shop completely redone
    • ability to purchase redgulls, etc.
  • Always spawn with NVGs
  • When a gang member is in an opposing group: name tag appears green, change it  to white to fix the confusion


  • Increase all 3k point conquests to 5k point conquests
  • 1 additional warpoint per kill on capture points (1>2)


APD "SWAT" Conquest Faction/Role:

  • Objective:
    • SWAT Faction is deployed during active conquests to counter the top gang (HVTs) in terms of conquest points
    • SWAT must attack each first-place gang's points and restore each of their Conquest Points.
    • (When captured by the SWAT Team) Ex. Capture Point Bravo SFA -> Capture Point Bravo
  • Conditions
    • Event is PO+
    • Max of 12 SWAT Team allowed in Conquest
      • First come first serve
      • Higher ups can adjust roster if needed
      • System for who gets SWAT can be determined by APD
    • APD push in waves together as a faction
      • Once cops restore a point they have to leave the capture point unless being attacked
      • Cops then must re-group to push another point
    • Initial Limit on Armor
      • 4-6 Ifrits are allowed, but rest of wave must use qilins or hatchbacks
    • 3 Minute Respawn Timer
      • SWAT spawn at conquest rebel like civilians
    • SWAT: Have free loadouts but must still pay for vehicles
    • 24/7 Lethals: No Tasers
      • Lethals during conquest do not remove players bounty
      • SWAT receive no money for lethals
  • Restrictions: 
    • No Ghosthawks
    • No Mar-10s
    • No flashbangs/ teargas
    • No level 4 & 5 vests
    • No armed vehicles
    • No spikes trips
  • Loadouts:
    • Weapon Choices include: every gun 7.62 and below
      • not including LMGs & high capacity mags
    • SWAT uniform
    • level 3 vest
  • Additions:
    • SWAT will have the ability to buy Ifrits in Conquests ONLY:
    • Every SWAT member receives 50k per capture point restored
    • SWAT members lose 15k per death in Conquest
    • Players would receive 3 wps per cop kill like with normal player kills
  • Remove:
    • Remove 7 Minute Dope Timer when killed by APD - Change it to regular dope time
    • SWAT cannot seize vehicles during & after conquest
    • SWAT cannot impound
    • SWAT will not be able to restrain players




APD Roundtable


  • Charge Attmpt. Kidnapping
    • Added manually to individuals who have tased cops with the intention to restrain
  • Lethal Injector changed to an illegal item and seizable

R&R Roundtable


  • Revive payout from “buddy-system”
    • Increase from $7,500 to $10,000
    • Would mean that if two medics are involved in a call for service, the total payout is $20,000  (to be split between the medical team of two)

Staff RoundTable


  • Toggle option for view distance change - @Masoooooooooon
    • Player can click a key which will allow their view distance to be changed depending on their options
  • NLR timer - @Strae
    • Would display a timer counting down from 15 minutes after dying.
    • Displayed somewhere out of view so it doesn't get in the way of anything (could be either displayed on HUD or whatever)
    • Strae can't count
  • New Player Hint (Wiki) - @Noahhh!
    • Add a new player hint that notifies new players of the Olympus wiki
    • if you have new player hints disabled, wont give you the hint.


  • Can chop full insurance for full insurance price instead of basic price - @Kamikaze
    • If the vehicle is basic & tiered would increase price as well
      • Ex: Fully insured Orca chops for 400k instead of 200k
      • Ex: Orca w/ basic & tier 2 is 250K vehicle would chop for that amount


You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:



Recommended Comments

40 minutes ago, monsterr said:

APD Ifrits going to be claimable, or just chopable?

we shall see.

This would still apply however. 

  1. Players may not go to conquest with the sole intention of stealing/chopping vehicles
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  • Senior Admin

Swat is going to be S3 only on initial release AFAIK

If their Ifrits were to be claimable/choppable they'd need some sort of way to make money within conquest or it'd just be a massive money loss

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I feel like the Apd should have there own hq/spawn point... cuz spawning in the same rebel as the civs could  bring some problems into the camping situation. 

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9 hours ago, Monks said:

Wait so is swat going to be an actual whitelisted group? Or is it just whoever shows up to conq first is considered swat for the time being?


4 hours ago, Crashnumba1 said:

@Monks from what i’ve heard it’s the second on


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  • Senior Admin
15 hours ago, Monks said:

Wait so is swat going to be an actual whitelisted group? Or is it just whoever shows up to conq first is considered swat for the time being?


9 hours ago, Crashnumba1 said:

@Monks from what i’ve heard it’s the second on


5 hours ago, Millennium said:



From last time I spoke about it with Walt it was actually going to be Whitelist and then first come first serve from the whitelisted people.


Honestly best to just wait for senior APD to make a official post as it's going to be their decision in the end and will need a section within their rulebook/guidebook

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