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🥶 June Coldfix Update 🥶





  • Reduced Conquest death timer from 2:15M -> 2:00M
  • Reduced Conquest start timer from 10M -> 6M
  • SWAT can now ;vote for Conquest maps


  • Gang Vehicles not showing in gang garages
  • Gangsheds/Vehicles having restrained/ziptied UI box
  • Messages kicking players
  • Medic 911 dispatches deleting
  • LIM Jeeps tasing instead of killing
  • Cops ability to send people to jail during an active BW robbery
  • "Not Enough Space" hint being spammed while pulling items out
  • Bodies being deleted when dying inside of a blown up vehicle
  • Loading a loadout being cheaper than listed
  • Granit being 5WP instead of 10WP
  • Neochori DMV client locality
  • SWAT Uniforms not texturing
  • Corporals and Patrol Officers receiving the same pay for arresting
  • Some uniforms in Rebel Clothing shops not being able to be saved in a loadout
  • O+ Weapon shops missing some color variants of weapons
  • Gangbase drug sell increase kicking players
  • Adaptive rendering zones in Nifi Conquest
  • Various Olympus+ vehicle skins being purchasable without a subscription
  • Conquest gear values not being properly updated


  • Plague Gang Uniform and Vehicle
  • RAID Gang Uniform
  • Dior Gang Uniform

As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.


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